Exporting session data to Blackboard

Whereas session data was exported directly from the PowerPoint application in the old version of TurningPoint (aka 2008 or version 4.3), in the new version, TurningPoint 5.1, it is exported through the TurningPoint launch pad.

Follow these steps–after you have finished polling and saved–to export session data to Blackboard.

1. Close out your PowerPoint document to cue up the the TurningPoint launch pad.

2. In the launch pad, Click the Manage tab.

3. Select the appropriate Participant List for the course, then click Results Manager.

4. Click the Integrations tab.

5. a. Select the Integration, which in this case is Blackboard. b. Enter server address: https://blackboard.neu.edu. c. Enter your credentials. d. Click Connect.

6. a. Select Export Session. b. Select the session you wish to export. c. Click Export.

Note: the three options at the bottom of the session list appear automatically (Total Performance; Attendance; and Total Points). By selecting any one of them, TurningPoint will automatically create a column in Blackboard and populate it with relevant data–attendance, point totals, etc. It is worth noting that every new session you export will create a new column in Blackboard.