Downloading the Poll Everywhere PowerPoint Add-in on Classroom Computers

Presenters can download integration software for PowerPoint, Keynote, and Google Slides via the Poll Everywhere website. If you’re using Poll Everywhere on a classroom computer, however, you will need a special version of the installer that doesn’t require administrative credentials. Instructions for downloading this installer are posted here:

Poll Everywhere PowerPoint Add-In

Download the installer software here and run the installer package. You won’t need administrative credentials so long as you choose “Just me” when it asks if you would like install for everyone or just you. You won’t need to open a separate program, but you will need to click on the “Poll Everywhere” tab in PowerPoint and log in every time you run Poll Everywhere questions in your PowerPoint presentation.

  1. To log in, click the “log in” button and type in your address in the username/address field.
  2. The app will recognize that you need to sign on via single sign on and prompt you to click the link to the single sign on form.
  3. Click the link and enter your portal/Blackboard credentials.

You’ll be logged into the app, which will allow you to run poll questions when you run your PowerPoint presentation in presentation mode.