Downloading Audacity audio editor

If you need to record audio to insert in PowerPoint or Storyline projects, you can download a free audio recorder. Audacity is open source software that lets you record and edit audio. The video below will show you how to download the software and an mp3 library that will help you compress your audio for easy use on the web.

Apologies for the less-than-ideal audio. I could only find one computer that I hadn’t downloaded Audacity on already, and the sound is not great on this computer! In general, we’d recommend that you try to use a headset when recording audio so that your recording will be as clear as possible!

Audacity is great because you can not only record audio, but you can edit it almost as you would with a word document. Click and drag to select the portion you want to cut then press delete to delete it or cut and paste it somewhere else.

Download audacity and the LAME library for PC or Mac here.