Creating a Blackboard Collaborate Splash Screen

If you’re running a Blackboard Collaborate session for a group of people who may not have used it before (i.e. a webinar situation), it’s a good idea to open the room up early so that they can log in and test their headphones and mic ahead of time. You can create a “splash screen” or a landing page to let them know that they are in the right place but the webinar hasn’t begun yet.

An example of a splash screen is below:
The example contains a welcome message from the office of Career Development, followed by the date and time of the workshop and an indicator of materials needed such as a microphone, and ideally a webcam to participate in session. The message also contains directions to click on the audio setup wizard icon to configure camera, speakers and mic for the session. If you need help contact Closing message is a request to mute mic when not in use to limit background noise.

This video will show you how to create a splash screen from a PowerPoint file.