Converting Existing PowerPoint Slides to TurningPoint Slides

Many instructors have PowerPoint presentations that could be used in TurningPoint to poll students. In order to convert existing PowerPoint slides into TurningPoint slides, follow these steps.

1. Open TurningPoint. In the TurningPoint dashboard, select Content.

2. Select the Content drop-down menu, then click Import.

3. Select the PowerPoint presentation you wish to use.

4. Select your PowerPoint presentation in the left-hand queue, then click Edit Presentation. (TurningPoint will open your PowerPoint presentation automatically.)

5. Highlight the PowerPoint slides you wish to convert to TurningPoint slides.

6. In the TurningPoint toolbar, click Objects for the dropdown menu, then Charts, and then select the type of Chart you would like use. (In this case, I’ve selected a “Vertical” chart.)

7. An information box will appear, informing you that some of the slides will have to be reformatted to become TurningPoint slides. Click Yes.

8. The finished product. After the slides have been reformatted, they appear as typical TurningPoint slides. Notice the Slide Preferences box that now appears on the right-hand side, which allows you to manipulate the slides as poll questions.