Configure Turning Point Cloud for Automatic Updates

Turning Point has released an update to their software that affects ResponseWare functionality.  All instructor and student ResponseWare users must install the upgrade for continued use of mobile polling.

Clicker functionality is NOT affected by this update.

Students using iOS or Android ResponseWare will receive a notification and link to the software update.

Instructors using TurningPoint Cloud from a personal computer or a non-classroom NUNET computer with administrative permissions can configure the TurningPoint Cloud installation to automatically download the software:

  • Open TurningPoint Cloud and log into the user interface
  • Click the gear wheel at the bottom right corner of the software to open the Settings window.


  • Select Software from the menu at left
  • Select “Automatically Check for Updates” and click the Close button to save your settings.


  • Close TurningPoint Cloud and reopen it.   A notification will pop up to let you know that updates are available. Follow the onscreen instructions to download and install the update.

Instructors using TurningPoint Cloud from a NUNET non-classroom computer without administrator permissions can request permissions from the helpdesk (x4357) or request assistance installing the software from