Learning Catalytics*



Learning Catalytics is a web based polling system that offers Pearson question banks and shared community content, as well as a large selection of question formats for instructors that wish to develop their own classroom assignments. Students respond using their computers or mobile devices and can review questions and performance during or after class. Multiple instructor analysis tools are available for review of individual or session results.

Key Features

  • 18 question formats with algebraic expression interpretation.
  • Classroom seating map.
  • Automatic and instructor-led synchronous and asynchronous polling modes.
  • Instructor defined intelligent groupings.
  • Mobile UI for instructors.


Learning Catalytics is free to instructors.   Student subscriptions are $12 per term or $20 per year.

Getting Started

All users must have a Learning Catalytics account, an internet connection, and browser or mobile app for poll creation or participation.


  • Create a new instructor account at https://learningcatalytics.com/instructor_sign_up.
  • Access your classes at https://learningcatalytics.com using Internet Explorer, Safari, Firefox or Chrome.


Training and Support

Join Learning Catalytics for a live, online training
Submit a ticket at the Pearson Customer Support Desk

User Guides and Tutorials

Instructors: Documentation and User Guide
Students: Documentation and User Guide

*Learning Catalytics is not currently supported at Northeastern. While we will help you as we can, you may need to contact Learning Catalytics for advanced assistance with this software.