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Switching to the HTML5 version of VoiceThread

To take advantage of HTML5-only features in VoiceThread such as flash-free recording and playback and variable speed playback, follow these steps. All users will be switched to the HTML5 on December 31, 2017. Go to your VT Home Page. You can access the home page through a Blackboard link, or if you’re unable to access… Read more »

VoiceThread Account Verification

There are a number of ways to connect to VoiceThread, with the Blackboard building block integration being the most full-featured way to connect. This Fall, we will be recommending that faculty who wish to take advantage of gradebook integration and user management features of their VoiceThread Pro Accounts use the VoiceThread tool in Blackboard. If… Read more »

Enable Flash in your Browser

Default settings that block Adobe Flash can sometimes interfere with content loading in web-based tools such as VoiceThread, modules created in Storyline or Camtasia, or Tegrity videos. This may cause you to not be able to record or for the web tool not to function as it should. To prevent this from happening, you will… Read more »

VoiceThread error message – Your signature for authentication is invalid

When adding a description to a VoiceThread link in Blackboard, the description cannot contain any line breaks or multiple paragraphs. If it does, you will receive the following error message: To fix the issue, remove all extra line breaks and extra paragraphs. The video below demonstrates ways to fix the issue: If there are any questions,… Read more »

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