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Converting Existing PowerPoint Slides to TurningPoint Slides

Many instructors have PowerPoint presentations that could be used in TurningPoint to poll students. In order to convert existing PowerPoint slides into TurningPoint slides, follow these steps. 1. Open TurningPoint. In the TurningPoint dashboard, select Content. 2. Select the Content drop-down menu, then click Import. 3. Select the PowerPoint presentation you wish to use. 4…. Read more »

Exporting session data to Blackboard

Whereas session data was exported directly from the PowerPoint application in the old version of TurningPoint (aka 2008 or version 4.3), in the new version, TurningPoint 5.1, it is exported through the TurningPoint launch pad. Follow these steps–after you have finished polling and saved–to export session data to Blackboard. 1. Close out your PowerPoint document to cue up the… Read more »

Notice to Mac Users of TurningPoint

As of this posting, TurningPoint’s PowerPoint polling is not functioning in either the current TurningPoint 5 iteration nor in the legacy. However, Mac users can still use Anywhere Polling. And Mac users of the legacy version of Anywhere Polling may need to download the most recent, updated version of the legacy. Link to the free… Read more »

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