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BB Collaborate Audio/Video Issues

I cannot hear the people talking during a web conference?Check your audio set up. You may have more than 1 mic (i.e. headset and web cam) connected to the computer. You should only have 1 audio unit connected to   the computer. DO NOT CONNECT A HEADSET (WITH A MIC) AND A WEB CAM (WITH… Read more »

BB Collaborate Whiteboard Issues

If you type a link in whiteboard but it does not open when you click on it? **Make sure you typed (http://), otherwise the link will not open in whiteboard. My link that was loaded in PowerPoint does not work now that I loaded my    PowerPoint into whiteboard. **Links in PowerPoint DO NOT work… Read more »

BB Collaborate System Errors

APP SHARE DOES NOT WORK WITH WINDOWS 8! BB Collaborate Application Share does not support Windows 8 right now. This is expected to be resolved in May 2013. Clear Cache and Cookies if you have trouble with Collaborate What should I do if I am using Internet Explorer and when I click on the link… Read more »

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