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Make the video follow the speaker

To make the video follow the speaker: Click on the options tab on the Audio/Visual panel and observe the drop down menu. Select the option that says “Make Video follow speaker”…but BE CAREFUL…look at the pic below. Notice there is another option that says “Make Video Follow Moderator Focus”… Make sure you select the correct… Read more »

To make a Collaborate session unavailable

 Use the feature below while setting up the session so that student do not enter the session while preparing the class/meeting Click “Create Session” and select the Participation tab.  The first option on the tab is “Restrict Participants”.  Check the box and student will not be able to access/see the session.   When preparation is… Read more »

Blackboard Collaborate Mobile

     Main Screen Chat Feature   iPad Functionality The iPad functions a passive device for Collaborate. Take a look at what you CANNOT DO with Collaborate on an iPad. What You Cannot Do With an iPad 1.  Access Web Tour (this feature is not included yet)2.  Access Talk device (you cannot talk into the iPad in… Read more »

BB Collaborate Google Chrome Problem

When I am using Google Chrome and I click on the link to launch the session, nothing happens.            There is a known issue with Google chrome automatically launching java web start (JNLP) files that are necessary to open an Elluminate Live or Blackboard Collaborate session. There are two methods to work around this problem.               1)… Read more »

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