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How to re-associate JNLP files in Windows 8/8.1 for Collaborate

If your Blackboard Collaborate sessions aren’t launching, and instead you are seeing Windows Media Player, Internet Explorer, or another application displaying code whenever you try to join a Collaborate session, you may need to re-associate .jnlp files to fix the issue.Here’s how to re-associate JNLP files with Java in Windows 8/8.1:Click this link: Associating JNLP files… Read more »

Navigating the New Create Session Menu for Collaborate

So there’s a new menu to create a session in Collaborate. The menu has been simplified, but some users may be uncertain about what each option entails. The following is an option-by-option breakdown of the menu. Getting Started. You arrive at the menu the same way as before: find your course in Blackboard, go to Collaborate… Read more »

Teleconferencing in Blackboard Collaborate

Blackboard Collaborate has a built-in teleconference option that lets participants call into the conference using their telephones. To phone into your session: 1.  Enter your collaborate session 2.  From the menu at the upper-right of the video window, select “Use Telephone for Audio” 3.  The phone number and pin for your session will appear.  Call… Read more »

How to Record a Collaborate Session

Moderators may optionally record Blackboard Collaborate sessions for later playback.  To record a Collaborate session, enter the session first, then click the “Record” button at the upper-right.  If you would like to be reminded to start the recording in future sessions, click Edit > Preferences at the upper left, then click “Remind” and check the… Read more »

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