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Groups Do Not Appear When in “Student View” in Blackboard

General information about “Student View” is here.     You may have noticed when in viewing the course as a student that Groups do not appear.  Instead, you may see this message on the Groups page. When you are using Student View, you become a demonstration student called “Demo User”.  Because the Demo User is not enrolled… Read more »

How to Set Up a Group Sign-up Sheet in Blackboard

You will use Groups to represent the “slots” that students are signing up for. Creating Groups for Sign-up To begin, access the Groups tool by going to the Users and Groups section of the Control Panel, and choose Groups. Click Create and choose a Self-Enrollment Group Set In section 1, provide a name for the… Read more »

Turnitin Assignments Versus Blackboard Assignments

There are two ways to collect assignments/papers/files from students in Blackboard – one is the “Assignments” feature, and the other is the “Turnitin Assignments” feature. Both of these assignment type may be added to your Blackboard course by clicking the “Assessments” button in a Content Area.  Both of them automatically create a column in the… Read more »

How to Use the Student View in Blackboard

  Blackboard instructors can view a course exactly as a student sees it in order to verify the availability of items to students, try an assessment from a student’s point of view, or to see what the course looks like as a student generally. To view a course from the point of view of a… Read more »

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