How to Merge Courses in Blackboard

If you are teaching several different course sections of the same course, or two cross-listed courses, you may want to combine your students into one course site in Blackboard.  Blackboard administrators can combine courses in Blackboard by using the “Merge Course Enrollments” tool, which will copy (merge) students from one or more sections into another.

Instructors that would like to request a course merge should complete the merge request form.

Blackboard administrators should merge courses according the following instructions:

1. Select the Admin tab in Blackboard and click the Courses link to search for the parent course (to which all courses will be merged).

2. When you have identified the parent course, click the chevron (options menu) to the right of the course name and select Edit.

3. Under the General Information section, select the checkbox “Select Courses to Merge” to open Child Courses.  Click the Browse button to search for and select child courses. You can select one or more courses at once. When all child courses have been selected, click the Submit button in the course search window.

4. You may optionally change the name of the parent course to indicate that will be a combined course. To do this, modify Course Name from the General Information section at the top.

5. Click the Submit button at the bottom of the screen to finalize the merge.

All students will be copied from the child course into the parent course automatically and will be maintained going forward. In the Grade Center of the parent (main) course, there will be a column showing the original section the student was in before the merge as a reference.

Courses can be un-merged after merging from the course search screen. Click the chevron (options menu) of the child course using the Separate option. The students from the child course will be unenrolled from the parent course, but will remain in the child course.


– The merge function merges in the students from the child courses but does not merge or copy course material.  You will need to post the course material you wish to distribute in the main parent course as you normally would, or use the course copy function to copy material from one course site to another as desired.

– The merge function does not copy student grades, assignment submissions, or tests from one course to another.  It only copies the student enrollments and maintains them going forward.

How to opt-in to receiving SMS notifications in Blackboard

If you would like to receive text message (SMS) notifications from Blackboard to your mobile phone, you may opt-in using the “Notification Settings” options in Blackboard.  Here’s how:

  1. Log into Blackboard at
  2. Click your name at the upper right, then click “Settings” here:
  3. Click “Personal Information“, then “Edit Personal Information”
  4. Scroll down and verify that your mobile phone number is correct.  Make corrections and then click “Submit” at the bottom.
  5. Click your name again at the upper right, then click “Edit Notification Settings” under Settings.
  6. Click the “courses I am taking” link.
  7. Scroll down.  For every event for which you would like to receive a text message notification, check a box in the “SMS” column.
  8. Click Submit at the bottom.

Going forward, whenever one of the events listed occurs, you will receive a text message from Blackboard.

We hope this information is helpful.





Blackboard Update Open Labs and Hands-On Sessions

Image for Blackboard upgrade preview and hands-on sessions

Blackboard Update Preview Open Labs

In preparation for the Blackboard merge and upgrade on December 22nd through December 31st, Academic Technology Services, ITS will be hosting daily Blackboard Upgrade open lab drop-in sessions throughout the month of December. During the open lab, you will be able to login to the new Northeastern Blackboard, tour the new environment and try out some of the new features. Sign-up is encouraged but not required for the drop-in labs. If you have any questions about the drop-in sessions, email

Drop-in labs will be offered daily Monday – Friday starting December 4th to December 22nd. You can drop-in at any point during the window and stay as long as you would like.

Post Upgrade – Blackboard Upgrade Hands-on Sessions and Open Labs

Post upgrade, Blackboard Hands-on sessions and open labs will be offered throughout the month of January. During the Hands-on session, we will walk you through new features including in-line grading, assignment receipts, Blackboard Ally (embedded accessibility tool) and more. Sign-up required for the Hands-on lab but not for Open Labs. 

Blackboard Upgrade Hands-on Workshops

Blackboard Upgrade Drop-in Open Labs

Add Due Dates Connected to the Blackboard Calendar for TurnItIn Assignments

Any graded item in Blackboard has the option for a Due Date. The Due Date will appear on the course Home Page for students, on the course calendar and they may even receive notifications, depending on their notification settings.

Depending on the tool, you may have the opportunity to add a Due Date as you are creating the graded item. Other tools, like TurnItIn, have a separate Due Date that isn’t connected to the Blackboard Calendar or Due Dates area. You can add a Due Date to a TurnItIn assignment or any other graded item assignment by going to the Grade Center and editing the column information. Here are the steps: Go to the Grade Center>Click Full Grade Center> Scroll to the desired column>click the chevron and select Edit Column Information. You can then add a due date and click submit. Here’s a quick video to walk you through the steps:



Tegrity Recording Upload Delays

Tegrity recordings of 30 – 90 minutes usually complete upload in 5 – 10 minutes, but will occasionally take longer.  Upload status on delayed recordings may display in the Tegrity course as Pending, Available Soon, or Network Fault.  Some reasons an upload may be delayed:

  • The lecture/recording computer has been turned off before upload completes
    Tegrity needs an active network connection for the recorded lecture to upload. If the connection is severed (closing the lid, shutting the computer down), the upload halts, but will usually resume once the network connection is reestablished.
  • Previously recorded lectures have not completed upload
    If earlier recordings are stuck in the upload queue, this will prevent the most recent recording from uploading.  Remove all recordings from queue and restart upload on each, one at a time.
    Remove a recording from the upload queue (PC)
    Remove a recording from the upload queue (Mac)
    Restart a recording upload (PC)
    Restart a recording upload (Mac)
  • The hard drive has less than 2 GB free space
    Tegrity recordings will not upload if hard drive space is low, but in most cases, the recording file is still saved. Once you have freed up enough space on your hard drive, you can start a new upload of the recording
    Restart a recording upload (PC)
    Restart a recording upload (Mac)
  • Large file size
    This usually occurs when recording from multiple video sources, such as document and instructor cameras. In this case, there isn’t much you can do but wait out upload.