How to download your roster from Blackboard

1.  Go to Grade Center > Full Grade Center( and click the “Work Offline” button on the right here: .  This will download a list of all the students in the Grade Center that you can open in Excel.

2.  Go to Course Tools > Student Email addresses(  This will allow you to download a spreadsheet ( ) containing all of the students’ email addresses for all of your courses.

3.  Go to Course Tools at the lower left and select “Course Roster (FACT)”  or  “Course Roster (Photo Grid)“.  This will show a list of all of your students with pictures and program names.  Video example: .   From there you can use the “print” button at the top-right and print a PDF file of your students with their pictures.

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Copying a Poll in Poll Everywhere

If you are the creator of a poll question or a group of questions, you can copy those polls to another Poll Everywhere user.

  1. First select the question or set of questionsselect the polls to be copied.
  2. Then scroll to the top of the window and click “Move”
click Move

3. Select “Copy Polls” and choose “To another user.” Type in the user’s email address and confirm that the user is identified by Poll Everywhere. You can type in multiple users, hitting enter after each user.Select the copy polls radio button; then select the to another user radio button and type the user's email address.

4. Confirm the users are listed below the text field and click Apply.

click apply

This process will make new versions of the questions so that individuals can edit the questions or run them without changing the data in the original owner’s account.

Apple iOS/iPad in the Classroom

Please join us on August 30th from 9:30 – 11:30am in the Discovery Lab (Snell Library 138, behind Argo Tea) for this Apple training event to learn how faculty can use iPads in the classroom and for teaching activities.

Coffee and baked goods will be served

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What you will learn

The goal of this  hands-on workshop will be to have each attendee come away with at least one app that can be used in the classroom to enhance teaching and learning.  Under the principle of “keep it simple” we will examine features and functions of the modern iPhone and iPad that are useful in the classroom context. Mobile technology brings many useful workflows into your hands, which may be as useful in the classroom as they are at home. This will be presented by Dr. Ian Camera, Development Executive at Apple.  There will be 10 iPad Pros with pencils and keyboards available to be handed out to the attendees for use during the session so they can participate fully in the workshop. This workshop is open to faculty, staff, and teaching assistants.


Dr. Ian Camera earned a B.A. in Psychology at Connecticut College, in New London, CT. He earned an MSN and a Nursing Doctor degree at Francis Payne Bolton School of Nursing, at Case Western Reserve University in Cleveland, OH. He has served as an author and subject matter expert on numerous projects for Elsevier, Inc. Before joining Apple Education, he was on the nursing faculty and was the chair of the Instructional Technology Committee at Holyoke Community College, in Holyoke MA, where he had also served as department chair and interim dean of the Health Division.

Specialties include interactive education in the community college, multimedia-based self assessment, iBooks authoring, iTunesU, flipped classroom in health disciplines, curriculum Redesign


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Event Details

Date: August 30, 2017 9:30 – 11:30am
Location: Northeastern University
Room: Discovery Lab, SL 138
Coffee and baked goods will be served

Questions about this event? Email

Images not showing in some browsers when Storyline files were published in Storyline 1

We’ve had a few instances of a user not being able to see the images in a storyline file. They see the media player and the menu but only hear audio.

The issue is explained in this article which indicates that the html5 version may display without images in recent versions of Chrome. This issue only affects files published in Storyline 1. Storyline’s recommendation is to republish the files, so to fix the problem for good, we recommend that the instructor pull the .story files into Storyline 360 and republishing (ATS can help with this! Email

If the instructor does not republish, students can allow Flash in Chrome so that Chrome doesn’t default to the html5 version. Alternatively, they can use a different browser such as Firefox or Internet Explorer. Chrome blocks flash by default and tries the html5 version, but since these were published a few years ago, the standards for html5 has changed and the coding in the html5 versions are no longer supported by some browsers.

PlayPosit Updates Fall 2017

Available starting September 2017, PlayPosit has updated their interface which includes new features to improve the user experience. New features and updates include:

  • Streamlined Interface: With Navigation 2.0, instructors can design bulbs, manage courses, analyze student performance, and collaborate with colleagues. Learn more here.

  • My Community: Northeastern faculty and staff now have a Community tab which displays all bulbs created by instructors, making it seamless for departments to share content and recognize exemplary bulbs. To remove your videos from the Northeastern community go to the PlayPosit Old View. Then click Fill Out Profile, scroll down and turn on Hide lessons and section from public.

  • Unit Folders: Easily organize and assign bulbs to learners. These can even be color coded for more fun! 

  • ‘Fetch’ Chrome Extension: With the click of a button, instructors can now pull any online video or use the plugin to create a quick screencast and upload directly to their account. Install Fetch today!