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Tips for Deploying a Test in Blackboard

…mit automatically when the time limit is reached by turning “Auto-Submit” option ON. Note: This will not allow students who need more time on a test to go over the limit. If you would like to allow a student more time for a timed test, please see this article: How to allow a specific student more time on a quiz or a test If Auto-Submit is OFF, Blackboard will not force a submission at the end of a timed test, but will warn the…

How to Allow One Student More Time on a Timed Test/Quiz in Blackboard

…may want to leave the “Auto Submit” is set to off. This will allow a student to submit a test past the time limit, but will give you as the instructor the option to penalize the student’s grade for the overtime. If a student submits the test past the time limit, instead of auto-grading the test, Blackboard will instead put an exclamation mark in the Grade Center for that student where the grade would normally be. Click the…

Video Production and Editing Support

…tics indicate that the first fifteen seconds of a program are crucial to capturing the attention of viewers. Often anything longer than five minutes will result in a drop-off of viewers’ attention and level of interest. Plan time for your production. Your available time will impact what we are able to provide. The less time available will result in a simpler video. Carefully consider your deadline and your available times prior to the deadline….

ITS Stoke Innovation Grant

…A level of complexity suitable for a shorter timeline Able to meet success requirements without the need for authentication, networking, changes to the registration feed, or other work that requires us to build in more lead time for ITS internal work. Timeline for Full Stoke Grant Program, Administered Annually beginning October 2016 Application open October Q & A open forums November to December Application close January Grant recipients…

Improvements in Blackboard 6.3

…user interaction. In addition, Application Pack 3 includes improvements on Gradebook interaction and user Tracking Data related to SCORM. Instructors can view tracked user information such as completion status and length of time an item was viewed.(SCORM 2004 more details) Performance Dashboard The Performance Dashboard is a course tool that allows Instructors to see key information and outcomes for all course users. It displays the last time

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