Deborah Davidson    Laura Davidson   Jesseca Ferguson
Peter Madden   Amanda Nelsen   Rosamond Purcell

There is something profound about the object of a book, which has remained unchanged for centuries.  The book as a container of ideas, narrative, images, and text is ever compelling for artists, designers, writers, and for those who critique and understand culture.  The significance of the book is emphasized in light of our rapidly changing media technology.

As subject, object or both, the book is what unifies the six artists in this exhibit.  It is still an essential part of what they value as a society, contributing to the ongoing conversation and concern about the fate of the book and of reading, itself.

This exhibition is presented by the Northeastern University Humanities Center’s Artists and Practitioners in Residence Program and Gallery 360. Deborah Davidson is an Artist in Residence with the Humanities Center’s APRP Program from March 15th – 17th, 2011.