The development of my visual language of shapes and marks is inspired from, and the result of, combining a single X-ray with territorial mapping and sketches of places I’ve experienced in my immediate environment. In a mode of recycling through my content, I utilize the computer as a cutting tool to dissect, edit and collage fragments that are reconstituted and mapped through light projection. Brushed India ink marks are juxtaposed with white space and flat, painted color, creating a certain disturbance. Each entity learns to coexist while maintaining its own identity. My intent is to create confusion as to whether the work is hand made or printed—that things are not quite what
they seem.

I’m interested in forming a collage-like space that reflects the relationship between the body and landscape as interconnected and parallel experiences. Drawing becomes a tool where observation and imagination intersect, resulting in a relationship of connections and disconnections between inside and outside; mark making against flat color, absence and presence.

This work is a creation and disruption of formal elements that investigates and celebrates painting and drawing.