Susan Kelk Cervantes has been a community artist for 47 years and is responsible for more than 400 murals. Influenced by the Mujeres Muralistas, the collaborative group of women muralists working in the 1970 in the Bay Area, Cervantes has developed an inclusive process for community-directed mural making, which she described as “ mural is a bridge to the community. The artists communicate with the people; meetings are held to discuss the issues. The result is a reflection, a mirror of that community.”

Precita Eyes Muralists was established in 1977 by Susan and Luis Cervantes in San Francisco, CA. One of only three community mural centers in the United States, Precita Eyes sponsors and implements ongoing mural projects throughout the Bay Area and internationally.

This artist residency was a student-led initiative by two LaCLA Scholars in collaboration with the LSCC, Northeastern Center for the Arts, Northeastern Public Art Initiative, and Los Huskies Student Group Coalition.