Since its inception in the fall of 1978, the Russell J. Call Children’s Center has provided high-quality childcare for the Northeastern University community. Thanks to a professional staff of educated and experienced teachers as well as assistance from co-op and work-study students, the center’s children gain valuable social skills and develop their intellectual and physical abilities through engaging, hands-on projects and activities. The center fosters children’s natural love of learning.

This annual art show is a long-standing Children’s Center tradition. The exhibition gives the Northeastern community an opportunity to glimpse how children view themselves and their world. Art is not only 
a topic that children truly enjoy, it’s also a valuable medium through which children express themselves. Most importantly, the art show validates that the children’s hard work is to be respected and can be appreciated by an audience.

This show’s artwork focuses on the theme of opposites. Mastering the idea of opposites is important, as it helps a child to learn how to compare two different items and to develop a greater understanding of a specific concept (e.g., “big” vs. “small”). Learning opposites also improves a child’s ability to describe things. The Children’s Center teachers presented the concept of opposites to the preschoolers, and they explored what it means through projects, activities, books, and discussions.

The children used various backdrops in their art. A New England forest seemed like the perfect setting for the children to create and recognize opposites; many examples of opposites are hidden among the plants and animals in the day and night scenes of the forest mural. More obvious illustrations of opposites can be seen on the panels and podiums with the themes of transportation and outer space. The artwork was inspired by works from the Museum of Fine Arts, from the Harvard Museum of Natural History, and by the authors and illustrators of children’s books.