Opening Friday, May 24th at 5pm, the Information Design & Visualization + Interdisciplinary Arts MFA Thesis Exhibition showcases the work of Northeastern’s MFA students.

Highlighting explorations of design, what we consider data, and how we construct meaning out of information, this exhibition presents an interactive cross section of students’ work. The IDV graduates present both physical and digital visualizations that inform us about their passions for data and their talents as story tellers. Their projects challenge and inform the coding of data we experience in our everyday lives — from pop music to spoken language, from the value of pennies to the understanding of rugby, from understanding of zoo animals to where we find food in our neighborhoods. How has the shape of female video game characters changed during the past 10 years? Can you read a cat’s emotion in its facial expression? Do you understand the policies behind public data dashboards? The Interdisciplinary Art graduates present thought-provoking artifacts of hostile architecture in public spaces, and a virtual reality exploration of feeling trapped. Together the eleven projects invite us to interact, explore and learn.

Surveying topics as varied as body representation in video games, exclusionary design, and relationships between humans and animals, these students’ projects will give you the tools to view your everyday world through an entirely new lens.