The clockwork and décor of the Swiss cuckoo clocks has always been emblematic to the image of Swiss know how and meticulous work. Originally, these small clocks evoked the delightful simplicity of an idealized agrarian life set in an alpine and preserved landscape. Is the Swiss cuckoo clock still this iconic object meant for folklore and tourists only? Definitely not if we consider the 24 cuckoos created by design BA & MA HEAD – Genève students and faculty!

Claudio Colucci , who led the student’s work, put them to the challenge of reinventing the cuckoo clock in a contemporary way while retaining the main quality of the traditional cuckoo : tell a story while marking the hours with their song.

24 Hours in the Life of a Swiss Cuckoo Clock, an exhibition curated by Alexandra Midal, operates an overseas migration to present 18 student cuckoos and 6 cuckoo projects by designers and HEAD – Genève faculty: Matali Crasset, Nitzan Cohen, James Auger, Camille Scherrer, Marco Borraccino and Claudio Colucci.