Holston captures the spiritual and emotional essence of a journey which is an essential part of his own history. During this very personal undertaking, he could almost feel the slaves’ dread of capture, degradation of enslavement, terror of escape and exhilaration of freedom. His strong sense of connection to this subject deepened his commitment to honor their lives and stories.

In every canvas, light or the contrast between light and dark represents hope. As Holston worked his way through the movements toward freedom, his color palette and mood evolved from drab to bright. Eventually, Holston was able to express freedom with more generous splashes of vibrant joyous colors.

To Holston, Color in Freedom is like a great jazz or symphonic score. Music is integral to his art, and the two mediums intertwine so completely that he sees, hears and feels them simultaneously. Each influences the other, helping to define what unfolds on the canvas.