Faculty & Student Work

Faculty and students fuel the creative energy at Northeastern. The university is committed to showcasing the many works that spring from unique collaborations across disciplines. These collaborations bring people and ideas together in new and unexpected ways, and help inspire our peers and the world to think creatively about people, issues, and our surroundings.


MFA Thesis Exhibition 2019

Opening Friday, May 24th at 5pm, the Information Design & Visualization + Interdisciplinary Arts MFA Thesis Exhibition showcases the work of Northeastern’s MFA students. Highlighting explorations of design, what we consider data, and how we construct meaning out of information, this exhibition presents an interactive cross section of students’ work. The IDV graduates present both physical…Read More

Senior Show, Department of Art + Design

Opening April 25 at 5PM, the annual Senior Show for the Department of Art + Design highlights the broad array of projects — animations, apps, AR (augmented reality), books, games, identity projects, illustrations, information graphics, installations, paintings, photographs, sculptures, type design, videos, websites — that reflect the diversity of skills and interests in this year’s…Read More

Opening reception June 21, 4-6 pm

With works encompassing video, painting, sculpture, and interactive media, the MFA class of 2018 explores diverse contemporary issues, from the technological mediation of interpersonal relationships to the quest to ground identity and sensory experience in something more tangible and meaningful than the seductive images flickering on a screen.   Interdisciplinary Arts Aiwen Cheng David Cohn…Read More

Where’s He From He Didn’t Say, Where’s He Now He Couldn’t Stay

Artist Jeff Hull “put his whole spirit into his work. It was part of him,” said his wife, Deborah Kamy Hull. Now, a collection of oil paintings by Hull—the late artist and Northeastern adjunct professor—is on display at Gallery 360, in a show that honors his work, life, and legacy. The show features 20 vibrant…Read More


Farzaneh Safarani and Bahareh Safarani, twin sisters from Iran, collaborate to create technically superior and thought-provoking artworks. This exhibit is the culmination of the sisters’ work in the Master of Fine Arts program that Northeastern offers jointly with the School of the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston.   In this installation of six video-paintings, the…Read More

2016 Annual CAMD Show

Featuring the work of graduating seniors, MFA and IDV candidates in Northeastern’s College of Arts, Media and Design. Reception Thursday, April 28, 5:00–7:00 pm

White Out

My interest in nature goes back to my show Rhyme and Reason in 1999 when I was focused on the relationship between the sand and the sea, and the line inbetween, which shifted and changed with every wave. Then I began looking at nature more closely as a section, slicing through it vertically like an…Read More


The development of my visual language of shapes and marks is inspired from, and the result of, combining a single X-ray with territorial mapping and sketches of places I’ve experienced in my immediate environment. In a mode of recycling through my content, I utilize the computer as a cutting tool to dissect, edit and collage…Read More

Sophia Ainslie, Ed Andrews, Mira Cantor

As we continue to enhance the creative experience at Northeastern, we look to our faculty to help shape that vision, and influence our students and community through the arts. The three artists represented in Faculty Focus guide us through landscapes that reveal the relationship between nature and technology. Mountains, canyons, and the human body are…Read More

Greatest Hits

As the culmination of their experience here at Northeastern, this annual show is made up of work by students from the College of Art Media and Design. Regardless of medium, the work is evolved and representative of the various disciplines. The college provides an arena for innovation, scholarship, real-world exploration and interdisciplinary collaboration in communications…Read More

2014 Senior Exhibition

The work of artists and designers informs and forms cultures, benefits society and empowers the global marketplace of ideas. Students of art and design are encouraged and enabled to prepare for a rich and rewarding life making a significant difference in the lives of others. As digital technologies transform and expand artistic practice, production, and…Read More

BFA Seniors, MFA Candidates in Information Design and Visualization

Art makes life meaningful. Design makes life possible. Together they make life wonderful. Artists and designers experiment with form to realize original, provocative, evocative and innovative ideas. They bring novel ideas to life that replenish cultures, have social benefits and contribute to the global marketplace of ideas. The life of an artist or designer is…Read More

Art Lift

Art Lift features reproductions of paintings, graphics, photography, sculpture, and illustrations made by Northeastern faculty, students, and alumni. The exhibits rotate four times a year, and new work is added regularly. The photos at right are just a sample of the current work that’s featured. If you’re interested in having your work shown, please complete…Read More