Since the beginning of time we’ve been living with our eyes pointed at the horizon. The purpose inside the horizon, the ‘earthly’ ideal has not been enough for us for a long time now. Our aspirations and goals lie beyond the horizon. If it weren’t for this direction in the distance, there wasn’t any support for our aspirations and our human existence would loose its meaning, its motives. One of the most vital elements of our self-identity is the longing for otherness and one of its emblems is the horizon. Expanding this horizon and constant cognition is our goal. This eternal fact , being as old as humanity itself, is nowhere as obvious as here in Europe. Our main drive has always been  the wish for adventure, the temptation of the strange making us leave even our emotional  bondings and homelands to the promise of learning something new. Nomen est omen – the name-giver of our continent, Europa means ‘big-eyed’. Her faith was referred to by the Greek as apodemic (longing for traveling), for this is the drive of every traveler who leave their homes. Therefore apodemy has always been part of Europe. Here, in Eastern Europe where the right of free movement of the individuals was forbidden for decades, apodemy has become an obsession.

Our faith in the unknown inclined us, Eastern-Europeans to search for our dreams at the hallucination-generating line of our horizon. I lived under the spell of ‘away’ for a long time as well, for the question of freedom has been in my interest since my awakening. My own freedom and thus the freedom of the individual has been interesting me the most. My main source was Daedalus – father of Icarus – and Greek mythology in general. When I started to paint my Nightfall cycle in 2011, Daedalus was my starting point, I wanted to paint his story in particular. I found a story however in the meantime, a contemporary Eastern-European (Russian) story, the official version of which I already knew. After learning the unofficial version of the story through some writers, I got slightly distracted from my original concept. My attention was directed to the now and I also realized that freedom isn’t only to be found in the unattainable distance. We can find it here as well but we tend not to notice it because of the enchantment of its constant search in the distance. I try to depict an existing story of today. A story of a man, a political prison, the background of which there are thousands of similar but unknown other stories, tragedies. I try to depict man loosing his freedom then finding it again inside the walls of his prison.