The Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) Life Science Innovation Forum (LSIF) Regulatory Harmonization Steering Committee (RHSC) Center of Excellence in Biotherapeutics seeks partnerships with government agencies, the pharmaceutical industry, device companies, and organizations. Such collaborations will enable the center to bring together scientists and regulators from around the globe for experiential education, specifically hands-on training, in the analysis and characterization of biotherapeutics, including biosimilars, as it relates to regulatory considerations.


  • Promotes global regulatory harmonization, thus improving global health and lives of patients.
  • Provides a standard of drug registration across the globe, thus bringing products to market faster and ensuring regulatory convergence.
  • Develops a continuity of training of international regulators that will ensure safety, efficacy, and quality of products released to market.
  • Provides a network of regulators creating collaborations that will expedite the ease of product registration.


  • Promoting a collaborative environment between academia, industry, and regulatory agencies to improve global systems of regulatory efficiency.
  • Being a leader in developing regulatory practices and staying at the forefront of advances in regulatory standards.


Partners are asked to make a 3-5 year commitment and will be updated on the Center’s activities quarterly.

Your Partnership will enable the Center of Excellence to:

  • Provide training grants for regulators. It is estimated that the tuition cost per participant is $1,900 for a four-day on-site experiential training program.
  • Provide travel funds for regulators from regions with limited economic resources. Travel and related expenses may be as high as $1,500–$2,000 per person.
  • Access the best faculty, especially visiting professors and researchers.
  • Offer in-country training where the number of participants justifies an on-location instructive program.
  • Create and update curriculum to meet the needs of industry and regulators.
  • Utilize a train-the-trainer approach which will allow regulators to train other regulators.


  • Serve on the Strategic Advisory Board providing counsel on curriculum and other trends to the center.
  • Prominent acknowledgement on a plaque in the Center of Excellence at the Biopharmaceutical Analytical Training, and acknowledgement on our website
  • Acknowledgement in publications and prominently featured on our website
  • Biannual, one-on-one meeting with the executive director of the Center of Excellence
  • Invitation to an annual meeting of Founding Partners
  • Ability to offer the center’s online and hands-on programs to employees at a discounted rate

GOLD ($50,000 PER YEAR)

  • Acknowledgement on our website
  • Invitation to an annual meeting of Founding Partners
  • Ability to offer the center’s online and hands-on programs to employees at a discounted rate


  • Acknowledgement on our website