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The men and women selected each academic year to the Huntington 100 (formerly the 100 Most Influential Seniors) truly embody the mission, ideals, and values of Northeastern.

Sponsored by the Office of Student Life, the Huntington 100 honors outstanding students for achievements which are commensurate with the university’s mission, ideals, values, and Academic Plan. These students represent what Northeastern is today – a selective institution with rigorous academic programs and a sharp focus on the global experience.

In 2013, the 100 Most Influential Seniors program was rebranded as the Huntington 100: Distinguished Juniors & Seniors to honor exceptional members of both classes. Today the program, Huntington 100, recognizes outstanding students from all years for their achievements.

Each cohort of students is an incredible testament to the high ambition and achievement found in the Northeastern student body. Recipients are chosen for their

  • Impact on the campus community
  • Record of service, be it within the university or another community
  • Global engagement, in the form of international co-op, study abroad, or other experiential learning outside the United States
  • Demonstrated leadership
  • Entrepreneurial or innovative spirit
  • Commitment to a high level of ideals and ability to positively represent the values of Northeastern

The Office for Student Affairs is entrusted with the selection of the Huntington 100. For information selection, contact Emily Hardman at or 617.373.5720.

Once inducted, the Office of Alumni Relations keeps members of the Huntington 100 active within the Northeastern community by offering opportunities to connect with each other and the university.

  • Huntington 100 Coaching Program

    Debuted in the fall of 2016, at the request of of President Auon, The Huntington 100 Coaching Program (H100CP) is open to all Huntington 100 members – alumni and current students. Coaches form one-on-one connections with their protégés, providing valuable resources and insight. In turn, protégés will gain enhanced skills in strategic and informed decision-making in their academic and professional lives. H100CP is only open to members of the Huntington 100.

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  • 2016 Inductees

    The 2016 cohort of Huntington 100 was inducted on April 21, 2016.

    • Ololade Akingbade, S’18 – Bergenfield, N.Y.
    • Cecil Jose Alfaro Mora, E’16 – Curridabat, Costa Rica
    • Mohammed F. Alhokair, E’16 – Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
    • Elizabeth L. Amyouny, E’16 – Quincy, Mass.
    • Sydney H. Banks, DMSB’16 – Raymond, Maine
    • Durward S. Benham, CIS’18 – Phoenix, Ariz.
    • Colin R. Bernardo, BHS’16 – Needham, Mass.
    • Marjorie L. Bogart, DMSB’16 – Lindcroft, N.Y.
    • Nathan J. Botelho, AMD’17  – Somerville, Mass.
    • Kathleen Marie Breen Combes, CPS’16 – West Roxbury, Mass.
    • Lindsey S. Bressler, SSH’18 – Tucson, Ariz.
    • Thurston E. Brevett, E’18 – New Castle, Del.
    • Rhonda Bryant, CPS’17 – Huntsville, Ala.
    • Benjamin A. Bungert, DMSB’16 – Mattapoisett, Mass.
    • Daniel M. Calacci, CIS’16 – Jamaica Plain, Mass.
    • Joshua J. Caron, CIS’16 – Gardner, Mass.
    • Emily F. Chiasson, BHS’16 – Billerica, Mass.
    • Kendall C. Coyne, CPS’16 – Palos Heights, Ill.
    • Victor E. Cruz, SSH’16 – Salem, Mass.
    • Rebecca L. Darling, SSH’16 – Skokie, Ill.
    • Nadav David, DMSB’17 – Sunnyvale, Calif.
    • Sarah E. DiCioccio, SSH’16 – Madison, Conn.
    • Katie S. Doong, BHS’16 – Mamaroneck, N.Y.
    • Mackenzie A. Dowd, SSH’18 – Gig Harbor, Wash.
    • Katherine G. Dumais, SSH’16 – Brooklyn, Mass.
    • Chris J. Flood, CIS’16 – Lynnfield, Mass.
    • Alexandra M. Fraenkel, SSH’16 – Rhineback, N.Y.
    • Jake A. Fulton, DMSB’16 – Shelton, Conn.
    • Daniella M. Gaccione, BHS’16 – Wayne, N.J.
    • Katie Gilligan, CIS’16 – Wakefield, R.I.
    • Jonathan V. Gray, E’16 – Cincinnati, Ohio
    • Sarah M. Gries, SSH’16 – Warren, N.J.
    • Farah Griffin, AMD’16 – La Jolla, Calif.
    • Martha L. Hamlin, CIS’16 – Presque Isle, Maine
    • Rebeca I. Hammel, DMSB’17 – Guaynabo, Puerto Rico
    • Alon Handler, SSH’19 – Bronx, N.Y.
    • Jordan C. Harris, E’17 – Winchendon, Mass.
    • Lindsay E. High, BHS’16 – Lancaster, Penn.
    • Aidan N. Hopper, BHS’17 – Middle Grove, N.Y.
    • Alexander Horst, CIS’16 – Houston, Texas
    • Lauren E. Jarmusz, BHS’16 – Buffalo, N.Y.
    • Emma T. Kaeli, E’18 – Medway, Mass.
    • Kimberly B. Karter, DMSB’16 – Dix Hills, N.Y.
    • Terina M. Keller, SSH’16 – Aurora, Colorado
    • Brianna R. Kilkenny, BHS’16 – Braintree, Mass.
    • Abhijit R. Kulkarni, BHS’16 – India
    • Rebecca C. Larson, S’16 – Bridgewater, Mass.
    • Elise LeCrone, SSH’16 – Hopkinton, Mass.
    • Rose L. Leopold, SSH’17 – Santa Cruz, Calif.
    • Jonathan S. Letts, DMSB’16 – Chalfont, Penn.
    • Adriana R. Levy, BHS’16 – Mercer Island, Wash.
    • Berit E. Lindell, SSH’16 – Bellevue, Wash.
    • Rebecca W. MacKenzie, CIS’16 – Meredith, N.H.
    • Julia M. Masse, BHS’16 – Norfolk, Mass.
    • Ali S. Matalon, DMSB/SSH’16 – Kingston, Jamaica
    • Caitlyn M. McBride, DMSB’16 – Lawrenceville, N.J.
    • Victoria S. McGrath, DMSB’16 – Weston, Conn.
    • Julieta Moradei, E’16 – Kirkland, Canada
    • Daniel W. Moran, CIS’17 – Minerva, Ohio
    • Summer Nagy, S’16 – Fort Washington, Penn.
    • Nicholas M. Newhart, E’16 – Rochester, N.Y.
    • Thomas P. Nigl, E’16 – Quincy, Mass.
    • Elizabeth M. Norton, DMSB’16 – Redmond, Wash.
    • Kelly L. O’Connell, E’16 – Cumberland, R.I.
    • Maggie K. Osbahr, E’16 – Nahant, Mass.
    • Catherine M. Patchell, CIS’16 – Standish, Maine
    • Charith Srian Peris, S’16 – Sri Lanka
    • Ralph E. Peterson, S’16 – South Easton, Mass.
    • Elizabeth Petracca, DMSB’16 – Hopkinton, Mass.
    • Alyssa B. Posner, BHS’16 – Bridgewater, Mass.
    • Amelie K. Rausing, SSH’16 – Stockholm, Sweden
    • Arlie Elise Reeves, CPS’16 – Tacoma, Wash.
    • Alexandra K. Rose, SSH’16 – Mount Sinai, N.Y.
    • Timothy A. Sakharov, CIS’17 – Natick, Mass.
    • Natalie Grace Schulz, SSH’17 – Pleasantville, N.Y.
    • Tiffany Seeber, CIS’16 – Freehold, N.J.
    • Rachel L. Shapiro, E’17 – Yorktown Heights, N.Y.
    • Philip J. Sheedy, BHS’17 – Williston, Vt.
    • Sarah N. Silverstein, DMSB’16 – Mound, Minn.
    • Madeleine C. Smith, S’16 – Emmaus, Penn.
    • Karina Smolyar, E’18 – Goshen, Ky.
    • Kathryne M. Soldau, CIS’16 – Bedford, N.H.
    • Maria Sofia S. Soto Casado, AMD’16 – Santa Domingo, D.R.
    • John J. Stevens, DMSB’18 – Sea Isle City, N.Y.
    • Megha Suresh, BHS’16 – Mumbai, India
    • Kristian E. Teichert, S’17 – Methuen, Mass.
    • Melissa A. Templeton, BHS’16 – Westford, Mass.
    • Mary Tobin, DMSB’17 – Clive, Iowa
    • Nicole M. Torchia, BHS’16 – Hudson, N.Y.
    • Allison M. Traylor, SSH’17 – Louisville, Ky.
    • Eric J. Tyler, CIS’16 – Willington, Conn.
    • Rohan Venkatesh, DMSB’16 – Westford, Mass.
    • Alex R. Vipond, DMSB’16 – Elm Grove, Wisc.
    • Tanya S. Welch, E’16 – Newton, Mass.
    • Katie N. Wong, DMSB’16 – Nashua, N.H.
    • Merlinda Xharda, SSH’16 – Peabody, Mass.
    • Chung Y. Vuong, CIS’16 – Ayer, Mass.
    • Madeleine A. Wax, E’16 – Portland, Oregon
    • Emily E. Weis, SSH’16 – Higganum, Conn.
    • Kayla R. Yates, BHS’16 – Waltham, Mass.

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