Degree Programs

Align Your Interests and Abilities with New Career Opportunities

The ALIGN degree programs are designed to turn you into a qualified professional for high-demand industries. Working closely with industry leaders, Northeastern University has selected master’s degree programs that align with the pressing need for qualified professionals across a broad range of industries—now and in the future.

Find the degree program that best matches your interests, career potential, and requirements below.


Requirements Areas of Interest Career Opportunities
Master of Science in Bioinformatics All undergraduate degrees; some math or science desired Computer science, biology, life sciences, statistics, information technology Pharmaceutical industries, personalized medicine, drug discovery, sequence analysis
Master of Science in Computer Science Variety of undergraduate majors accepted Programming, software and application design, network infrastructure Programmer, mobile application developer, software engineer, network administrator
Master of Science in Digital Media Variety of undergraduate majors accepted; some foundational knowledge of visual communications or programming desired Interactive design, game design, user experience, digital storytelling, digital video, 3D animation, social media UI/UX design and development, social media planning, multimedia artists, videographers and animators
Master of Science in Energy Systems Strong analytical and quantitative skills; variety of undergraduate majors accepted Global environment, technology, finance, environmental science, geology, life sciences, mathematics Design and development of new energy investments: wind, hydro, solar, and alternative systems
Master of Science in Health Informatics All undergraduate degrees; proven success in quantitative work desired Computer science, business, clinical and technical areas in healthcare Leadership and consultant positions in hospitals, systems management in healthcare excellence
Master of Science in Information Assurance (Cybersecurity) All undergraduate degrees; proven success in academic studies in information assurance (cybersecurity) Data security, computers, network software, risk management, policies and process Information security combating identify theft, cyber attacks, fraud, malware threats within public and private organizations