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“ALIGN opens the door to a whole new career path that combines my existing background with new knowledge.“

—Stephen Court, MS Computer Science

“ALIGN provides a unique opportunity to dive into new, promising technological ventures.”

—Aileen Novero, MS Computer Science

“My degree gave me the foundation needed to apply my systems development skills to biological questions.”

—Charles Roesel, MS Bioinformatics

Advance your career—and earning potential—with a Master’s Degree from Northeastern

The Northeastern ALIGN program offers a direct path to a master of science degree for many of today’s most in-demand STEM professions. These fields offer exceptional employment opportunities with salaries averaging 26 percent higher than other professions.
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    Expected growth in STEM occupations through 2018.

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    The average amount STEM workers earn above their peers.

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    Computer Science students accepted into co-op positions.

Degree Programs

Master of Science in Bioinformatics

Big Data is one of today’s buzzword. It is also the driving force behind the explosive demand for trained bioinformatics professionals.

Master of Science in Computer Science

In June 2013, Forbes ranked computer science as the fourth-best master’s degree for immediate job potential, with a 21.3 percent increase in jobs.

Master of Professional Studies in Digital Media

Northeastern University’s Master of Professional Studies in Digital Media ALIGN program offers students the opportunity to change careers and break into the digital media industry without getting a second bachelor’s degree. Students can build their skills and expertise while gaining experience using a variety of industry-standard and cutting-edge technologies and tools.

Master of Science in Energy Systems

Some of the most pressing global issues we face today are related to energy resources, conservation, and the effects of energy production and increasing worldwide demand.

Master of Science in Health Informatics

Professionals in the field of health informatics—the union of information science, computer science, and healthcare—are driving many of the current advancements of the integration of technology in patient care.

Master of Science in Information Assurance and Cybersecurity

Ever-increasing cyber attacks against companies and governments are creating unprecedented risks and a tremendous need for trained information assurance professionals.

Computer Science
Digital Media
Energy Systems
Health Informatics
Info Assurance