Become an Exhibitor

While the conference is mainly focused on its technical program, there will be a very limited number of slots allocated for exhibits in the area adjacent to the main conference room and refreshment breaks.

There are many benefits of exhibiting at the AEMFC 2019:

  1. An exclusive exposure to the entire pool of attendees throughout the duration of the meeting.
  2. One full access to the conference technical sessions.
  3. Logo of your organization prominently posted on the conference brochure and all outgoing electronic communications.
  4. 10-15 minute time slot during the technical program to highlight your organization and exhibit to the conference delegates.

The registration fees for exhibiting at the meeting are $2,500 (Tabletop) and $5,000 (Booth). If you’re interested in becoming an exhibitor, please follow the link below to register:


Early registration ends November 15th — register now to avoid late registration fees!