Mutual Mentoring Advancement Program – M2AP

M2AP Overview

To further enhance existing mentoring initiatives, ADVANCE is pleased to offer a mutual mentoring opportunity called ADVANCE Mutual Mentoring Advancement Program (M2AP). M2AP focuses on individual faculty designed mutual mentoring initiatives with self-defined goals, which offer faculty members an opportunity to create a mentoring experience tailor-made by them that involves groups of peers, near peers, and senior colleagues from within and/or outside Northeastern. All faculty members are welcome to submit a proposal, but the primary targets for M2AP are associate and assistant professors.

M2AP Goals

  1. Provide faculty members creative options for career planning and mentoring.
  2. Provide faculty-driven mentoring to meet career and annual goal(s).
  3. Build institutional capacity for supporting faculty career advancement.
  4. Support chairs’ and deans’ efforts in providing mentoring opportunities for faculty.


All M2AP grants support projects up to $3000 for the purpose of supporting full-time tenure and tenure-track faculty across all ranks. Grants are awarded through a competitive review process, overseen by the ADVANCE Program in conjunction with the VPAA, and a selection committee. A mutual mentoring group must be composed of at least 3 people and may not exceed 6 people, with a Northeastern tenured or tenure-track faculty member as lead. Team members can include anyone the faculty member selects: senior or junior faculty members, full time faculty not on the tenure track, graduate students, postdocs, staff, research staff, etc. Projects that are co-led will also be considered.  A successful M2AP proposal will include:

  • specific measureable goal(s) that can be accomplished in a year’s time
  • timeline with steps for accomplishing the goal(s)
  • names, titles, affiliation of off-campus group members
  • letter of support from the lead faculty member’s department chair
  • proposed budget not exceeding $3000
  • each budget item directly related to the faculty member’s stated goals in their M2AP proposal. The budget may include:
    • Travel
    • Modest honorarium
    • Publication costs
    • Food, but not more than 15% of the budget

For complete application requirements, please visit the application form prior to preparing your submission.

The application can be accessed here. The deadline for submissions is October 3, 2018. Please email with any questions.