Full-time Nontenure Track Faculty Mentoring Circles


ADVANCE Office of Faculty Development and the CATLR are piloting Full-Time Nontenure Track Faculty (FTNTT) Mentoring Circles in the 2017-2018 academic year.  The working definition for the Northeastern FTNTT Mentoring Circles is a group of FTNTT faculty who meet together regularly, for nine months, to exchange experiences, challenges, and opportunities for the purpose of enhancing self-confidence, communication skills, leadership practices, and/or commitment to one’s career.  Each FTNTT Mentoring Circle will be composed of 4-6 faculty members and a facilitator. The pilot program will serve up to three Mentoring Circles.

The goals of the FTNTT Mentoring Circles are to:

  • Develop a group mentoring model that accommodates the unique needs of FTNTT faculty.
  • Develop interdisciplinary networks for FTNTT across colleges.
  • Provide opportunities for FTNTT to interact with peers around career development strategies.
  • Develop mentoring experiences that increase faculty job satisfaction and create a meaningful sense of belonging.
  • Develop a mentoring model that can be shared with other universities.

Description and Logistical Information

The FTNTT Mentoring Circle pilot project will begin with an invitation to apply sent to all FTNTT faculty in mid  August. Applicants will suggests circle topics, ie. promotion, furthering a scholarly identity, professional development opportunities, career development plans, etc.  ADVANCE and CATLR will review proposals, select discussion topics from those proposed, and set the meeting times.  The FTNTT Mentoring Circles can be composed of junior FTNTT, mid-career, full professors, or a mixed rank group.  Final participation notifications will be sent by September 1.

Annual activities include:

  • Kick-off Orientation in the first week of October with signing of Commitment to Participate form and a reflective goal setting exercise (individual development plan)
  • Mid-year Review in mid-January and sharing of experiences as a mechanism to explore the value of the circles, the impact on the participants, and idea sharing amongst participants.
  • Closing Celebration in early April
  • End of Year Program Evaluation survey and focus groups

Faculty participants commit to:

  • 2-4 hours a month
  • Participation in the monthly FTNTT Mentoring Circle meetings
  • Participation in the Orientation, Mid-year Review, Closing Celebration, and program evaluation
  • Signed contract stating their commitment to participate and to keeping all information shared in the FTNTT Mentoring Circle confidential
  • Full participation in the FTNTT Mentoring Circle discussions


The FTNTT Mentoring Circles pilot program will develop a model that can be expanded to all FTNTT in the university, replicated in the colleges, and/or used as a model for other mentoring programs.  ADVANCE and CATLR will disseminate the FTNTT Mentoring Circle model to a wide audience within and beyond Northeastern.