The Kavanaugh Hearings: What to Expect

Dan Urman is a professor with joint appointments in both the School of Public Policy and Urban Affairs and the School of Law.  One of the courses he teaches is LPSC 3303: Understanding the Modern Supreme Court, an extremely relevant topic given the beginning of the Senate confirmation hearings for President Trump's appointment of Brett Kavanaugh.  In his interview with News@Northeastern, Urman gives an overview of several topics anyone watching can expect to come up during the hearings.  He predicts that Kavanaugh will be asked to comment on such hot-button issues as Affirmative Action and the Roe v. Wade decision.  He is also expecting the issue of an infamous memo Kavanaugh drafted during the investigation of President Clinton in 1998 as well as Kavanaugh's district appointment hearing of 2006 to be a topic of discussion.