Unlimited Opportunity to Innovate

High-achieving students are frequently intrigued by an expansive range of interrelated disciplines. You want to explore, to dream, and to discover. The University Scholars Program (USP) recognizes and builds upon that. With broad access to the resources of the entire university, you’ll work closely with faculty advisers to identify and ultimately design a tailored program that potentially spans colleges, departments, and global partner institutions to address your unique academic goals and career aspirations, and advance your entrepreneurial ideas.

The University Scholars Program is one of the most intellectually bold and distinguished undergraduate scholarship programs in the country. You have been invited to join this highly accomplished group of future leaders and innovators based upon your:

  • Outstanding academic achievements which put you in the top 1-2% of our applicant pool
  • Demonstrated creativity inside and outside of the classroom
  • Energy, ideas, and ambition to innovate
  • Entrepreneurial spirit
  • Vision, confidence, maturity, and resourcefulness
  • Passion to make a positive difference in the world

As a University Scholar at Northeastern, you will have limitless opportunities to explore your passions, to innovate, and to discover new ideas. Your intellectual journey begins with designing your own unique and tailored academic program, supplemented with opportunities to participate in trailblazing research and inspired projects with our distinguished faculty members. You will have the flexibility to create your own customized global experiences. Access to a team of mentors and advisers assembled from key university leaders will help you shape your undergraduate experiences, ultimately preparing you for a future of accomplishment and leadership.

Northeastern will provide you with an academic community where you will be surrounded by faculty and classmates who challenge and inspire you. You will interact with people from all over the world, adding richness to your campus experience. Through substantive experiential learning opportunities such as those listed below, you will take what you learn in the classroom and apply it in real-world settings—amplifying your academic experience and making it second to none.

Your Experience as a Northeastern University Scholar

Making Tomorrow Happen

In addition to intellectually demanding coursework, you may choose to participate in cutting-edge research and creative projects with distinguished university faculty members. You’ll be encouraged to contribute new topics and to make curriculum and research recommendations that advance and create knowledge. You will have the opportunity to take part in specialized local and global service-learning opportunities and civic engagement projects centered on your individual interests. The options are limited only by your vision and creativity.

Customized Global Experiences

Your undergraduate experience will not be limited to your studies in Boston or pre-defined study abroad programs. University Scholars can create unique global experiences ranging from individualized overseas destinations, themes, and courses led by Northeastern faculty to the option of an international year comprised of study abroad and co-op in the same location.

Personalized Advising and Mentoring

A team of mentors assembled from key university leaders—deans, department chairs, senior faculty, administrative leaders, and Board of Trustee members—will help guide and shape your university experience. These are the supporters who will serve as an ongoing sounding board for you, assist with placement in your co-op selections, provide coaching when you are applying for graduate school and/or prestigious national scholarships and fellowships such as Rhodes, Marshall, and Fulbright, and ultimately help prepare you for a future of accomplishment and leadership in whatever you may chose.

Networked for Life

Amid the vibrant intellectual Northeastern community in the heart of Boston, University Scholars will establish a special bond with one another and their classmates. By challenging, supporting, and advising each other, University Scholars will become subject-matter experts, global citizens, valued collaborators, and influencers in expanding each other’s knowledge and worldview. These are the bonds that span careers and lifetimes and will enhance the career connections provided by your faculty mentors and Northeastern’s powerful alumni network.

Financial Underwriting

The Northeastern University Scholars Program provides a full-tuition scholarship, as well as financial support for global experiences that are part of your curriculum. We recognize your talents and potential. We believe in your abilities to enact positive change in this world, and we believe you will be the recognized thought leaders, innovators, and entrepreneurs of the future.

Admitted students invited to join the program have been notified of their selection in their admission letter. We will be sending you an invitation to our special USP Welcome Event on March 22 and 23.