Student Clubs and Organizations

Becoming a global citizen of the world doesn’t start and stop with your education. Meet new people, find a new hobby, and be a part of something on campus. Northeastern is home to more than 400 student clubs and organizations. Browse through the list and explore all Northeastern has to offer.

Student clubs and organizations, including the Student Government Association, provide a venue for you to develop your leadership potential. Academic and professional societies connect you to a network of accomplished professionals in your field. You’ll find athletic clubs, performing arts groups, cultural organizations, and everything in between.

Fall Volunteer Fair

START SOMETHING: Part of charting your own path can involve creating it from scratch. We encourage entrepreneurial spirit and thinking outside of the box. If we don’t have a club you’re interested in, start it here.

The benefits

You can:

  • Meet people with similar backgrounds and explore other cultures
  • Stay active through adventure and wellness
  • Spark creativity
  • Grow through innovation & leadership
  • Join a global network through a fraternity or sorority

You name it, we have a way to get involved. Browse through the list of clubs and organizations.