The Official Husky Ambassador Blogs

Our Husky Ambassadors are undergraduate student leaders who provide valuable and diverse perspectives about life at Northeastern through campus tours, welcome events, blogs, and more. Check out some of their student blogs to experience the University through the eyes of a current student.

Matthew Dunn

Computer Science

Hey there! I'm Matthew Dunn, a fifth year Computer Science Major with a concentration in Cyber Operations from Kings Park, NY. I'm passionate about security, software development, and the Houston Astros. I've completed co-ops as a software engineer and as a malware researcher in addition to currently doing research with Professor Christo Wilson. Extracurricularly, I work with Husky Ambassadors as the Operations Chair, and as a Fellow for the College of Computer and Information Science(CCIS). In my blog I'll detail experiences through my time at Northeastern, what I'm up to as a graduating senior, and other things I find interesting (read as: baseball, biking, photography, cooking, fitness, etc.).


Victoire Cointy

Communication Studies & International Affairs

Hey there! My name’s Victoire — pronounced Vik-twar, in case you’re scratching your head — and I’m a second-year Communication Studies major with minors in International Affairs and Global Fashion. I’m originally from France, but I’ve moved a total of twelve times in my lifetime, and lived in seven different countries across three continents. I’m currently getting ready for my second co-op, which I’m looking to do in Boston. In my spare time, I give tours for Husky Ambassadors, I'm an Event Planner over at the Office of Global Services and I’m trying every type of food I can get my hands on. Feel free to check out my blog to hear more about my Northeastern journey!


Christina Chun


Hello everyone! My name is Christina Chun and I am a fourth year pharmacy major. I come all the way from Fullerton, California and coming here to Northeastern has been nothing short of amazing. On campus, I am involved with Student National Pharmaceutical Association, Husky Ambassadors, and Asian Student Union. Feel free to leave any questions on my blog and follow along to see what happens when Boba meets Bubble!


Alyssa Lukpat

Journalism & Computer Science

Hi! I’m Alyssa, a second-year journalism and computer science student from California. You can catch me giving campus tours, writing for The Huntington News, running to meetings for Women in Tech and DREAM, and spinning in Marino Center. Ask me questions and join me at A ‘NEU’ Home!


Alexis Hester


My name is Alexis, and I am a fourth-year Chemistry major on the pre-med track. I'm currently on my second co-op, working in genetic testing at a biotech in Boston called Orig3n. Outside of work, I'm involved with Husky Ambassadors, the American Chemical Society, Agape Christian Fellowship, and Acting Out Theater group! Between my activities and studying for the MCAT, I tend to be pretty busy, but when I do have free time, I love reading and watching copious amounts of Netflix. If any of that sounds interesting, stop by and leave a message!


Nicole Marco

Chemical Engineering

Hello, everyone! I'm Nicole and I am a Chemical Engineering major from Saratoga Springs, NY. When I'm not in class, catch me around campus giving tours with Husky Ambassadors, at rehearsal for NUDANCO (Northeastern Dance Company), designing a water distribution system in Engineers Without Borders, or eating at Rebecca's! I also do research and am a member of the American Institute of Chemical Engineers. I enjoy, dancing, outdoors, movie nights, and engineering related memes. If you have a questions about Northeastern, Boston, college, or best pizza topping, send me a message!


Meredith Craig

Physical Therapy

Hello everyone! My name is Meredith (though most people call me Mer) and I am a sophomore at Northeastern, originally from Saratoga Springs, New York. I am in the six-year physical therapy program and am double-minoring in psychology and music. Besides being a Husky Ambassador on campus and giving tours, I am also actively involved in Physical Therapy Club, Symphony Orchestra, NUEMS and the Catholic Center. My passions include dogs, caffeine, ice cream and travelling. Feel free to follow along with my Northeastern adventures and leave me a message if you have any questions!


Deborah Madueke

Economics and Business Administration

Hi! My name is Debbie Madueke and I am a third year at Northeastern majoring in Economics and Finance. I just completed my first co-op working in Boston and spent this last summer studying and traveling around Europe. In my free time, I am involved in the Northeastern African Student Organization, Toastmasters club, Husky Ambassadors and more. To hear all about my experiences at Northeastern feel free to stop by my student blog and i'll be happy to answer any questions you have.


Allison Ngan


Hello everyone! My name is Allison Ngan and I am in my 6th year (P4) of the PharmD program here at Northeastern. I'm originally from San Francisco, CA. I'm currently in the middle of clinical rotations in the Boston area - looking forward to sharing those experiences with you! Please feel free to ask any questions you might have about life at Northeastern (including the Honors program) or the college application process in general.


Brandon Yip


My name is Brandon and I am a 4th year nursing major here at Northeastern University. Currently I'm on co-op at the Massachusetts General Hospital: Ellison 9, in their Cardiac Intensive Care Unit. I've did my first co-op at MGH: Ellison 11, Cardiac Interventional Unit. I love working out, eating "healthyish", and helping others find what they are passionate about. I've been able to travel a lot while on co-op, without taking a single vacation day. Come join me as I share with you my many adventures and passions. From traveling the world, to pursuing a startup, to diving into nursing entrepreneurship, you will not want to miss the this journey.