Freshman Applicants

As a valued member of the Northeastern community, you will have the opportunity to be submersed into a diverse, global, and thriving environment. You will explore new opportunities and chart your own path to degree. We are excited to have you join us, and look forward to the strengths and experience you bring with you.

Application Materials

  • Completed Common Application or Coalition Application
  • Application fee of $75
  • Guidance counselor and teacher recommendations
  • Secondary school transcripts with final junior year grades. First-semester or first-trimester grades should be submitted when they are available; first-quarter grades are not required. If you have been out of high school for more than one year, you must send the most up to date version of your transcript. Transcripts should be evaluated by a recognized credentialing agency (For transfer applicants who have earned credits at an international institution, please visit The Center for Educational Documentation).
  • Early Action and Early Decision candidates should send their first-term grades as soon as they are available.
  • Optional Standardized Testing: For applicants applying for the 2021-2022 academic year, Northeastern University is test-optional and does not require standardized testing to complete an application for admission.
    • Under the new policy, whether graduating from a U.S. institution or an international institution, you will be able to choose whether to submit standardized testing or not. If you do not submit standardized testing, you will not be penalized or disadvantaged. All applicants will be fully considered for admission to Northeastern, including the University Honors Program, and for any merit scholarships.
    • If you choose to submit standardized testing, you should submit results from the test, or tests, which best capture your academic preparation and abilities in the classroom. While there is no advantage in submitting results from more than one test, all results provided will be reviewed by the Admissions Committee and factored into your admissions decision. Northeastern will consider results from any of the following:
      • SAT (CEEB Code 3667) or ACT (College Code 1880)
      • International Baccalaureate (IB) Diploma or Higher Level Exams (if you are not a Diploma candidate)
      • AP Exams or SAT Subject Tests
      • GCE Advanced Levels
      • Northeastern will also consider results from over 100 national exams. Please review the Testing Policy tab on the Application Information page for a complete list.
    • All students must share the scores they would like considered in their application through the Application Status Check. This allows students the most control over the tests that are attached to their file. Students who indicated they would like to be test optional may not self-report, though you may control your Test Optional status through your Application Status Check. Please review the Testing Policy tab on the Application Information page for additional information.
    • Students may change their Test Optional choice (I would like testing to be considered in my application OR I would not like testing to be considered in my application) through the following dates. After these dates, Test Optional preference will be locked in for that round of admission consideration.
      ED I: November 10
      EA: December 1
      ED II: January 10
      RD: February 1
    • Non-native English-speaking applicants must continue to submit official results from an approved English Language Test or request a waiver through the Application Status Check. For additional information, continue reading or visit the International Applicants page for our English Language Proficiency policy
  • English Proficiency: All students, regardless of citizenship must demonstrate English language proficiency when applying to Northeastern. You can meet the requirement if:
    • You are a native English speaker.
    • You will complete four consecutive academic years before enrolling at Northeastern in a high school or university where native English was the primary instructional language -AND- you submit an English Proficiency Waiver Request through your Application Status Check portal.
    • You submit, along with your application, official test results directly from the testing agency for one of the following English language proficiency tests:
    • Please see the International Students page for more information.
Application Information
  • Portfolios are required for Studio Art, and are encouraged for majors within the College of Arts, Media and Design. Beginning in Spring 2018, a portfolio is no longer required for Music Technology applicants. Northeastern uses SlideRoom for online portfolio submissions. Visit these pages to learn more about details regarding the portfolio requirements for Studio Art and portfolio guidelines for all other CAMD majors.
  • Non-U.S. citizen applicants are required to submit the Declaration and Certification of Finances (DCF) form for their application to be considered complete. The Certification of Finances is designed to assist colleges and universities in obtaining complete and accurate information about the funds available to international applicants. As Northeastern is unable to offer state or federally-funded financial support to international applicants, the process of verifying the financial resources of students is essential.
  • General Equivalency Diploma (GED) recipients should provide their official GED score reports and their most complete high school transcript.
  • Non-traditional grading policies: Students who attend schools where narrative evaluations are used instead of traditional letter grades are required to submit the narratives to complete their applications.
  • Home-schooled applicants: See Special Documents tab in our Application Information page.

Enrollment Checklist

Please view your Application Status Check to view your enrollment checklist and next steps/important dates to note in order to enroll at Northeastern.

Next Steps

You will receive a number of communications in the coming months, including information on financial planning, registering for spring admitted student events, registering for New Student Orientation, housing and roommate assignments, and moving in, among other items. Please be sure to contact the Office of Undergraduate Admissions if your email address changes. In addition, make sure to check your Application Status Check and your myNortheastern Admitted Student Portal for the most up-to-date information.

What to expect, and when

Here’s what admitted students can expect, and when.

  1. Offer of Financial Assistance: Available At Time Of Admission Decision
  2. New Student Orientation Information: In April, After Deposit Is Received
  3. Health Report Form: In April
  4. Information On Financial Planning, Billing, And Loans: May–July
  5. Housing Assignment: Beginning In Mid-June
  6. Information About the Mandatory Office of Global Services Sessions Scheduled For International Students With F-1 Visa: Beginning In Mid-June
  7. Move-In Instructions and Campus Information: 
Beginning In Mid-August
  8. First Billing Statement: Four To Six Weeks Before Start of Term
  9. Health Insurance and Waiver Information: Four To Six weeks before Start Of Term, along with First Billing Statement
  10. Student Employment Registration Information: During Orientation
Enrollment Information