Frequently Asked Admissions Questions


How do I get to the Visitor Center?

A: The Visitor Center is located on the first floor of West Village F. For GPS driving instructions, please use 40 Leon Street, Boston, MA 02115. If you choose to utilize public transit, Northeastern is easily accessible via Ruggles Station (Orange Line) and Northeastern University Station (Green Line E). More information about how to use the MBTA can be found here. If you are using a rideshare provider such as Uber or Lyft, we recommend entering 40 Leon Street as your destination.

For more information about arrival, parking, and what to expect from your visit to campus, click here.

Does Northeastern offer class or overnight visits?

A: Class or overnight visits are not offered for prospective students. We encourage students to register for an in-person or virtual information session to learn more about our academics, experiential learning opportunities, and life as a husky.

Where will Northeastern be visiting?

A: Northeastern admissions staff travel across the country, around the world, and within Boston’s own backyard to meet with prospective students and families at secondary schools. We also offer a robust amount of virtual programming so you can connect with us from anywhere.We encourage you to join our mailing list for news on the latest opportunities for prospective students to connect with our admissions team.

Financial Aid & Scholarships

I will be applying for financial aid: What do I need to do?

A: Depending on your student type—whether an Early Decision, Early Action, Regular Decision, or Transfer applicant—the financial aid deadline dates and requirements may vary. Please visit the Student Financial Services website for more information.

How do I qualify for a merit scholarship?

A: ​​Students who are in the top 10-15% of our applicant pool are considered for competitive merit awards, including Dean’s, Connections, and International Scholarships.

These scholarship awards range from $10,000-$28,000 annually. All fall freshman applicants for undergraduate admission to Northeastern are considered.

Are there scholarships students need to apply for?

A: The vast majority of merit and opportunity scholarships offered require no additional application. There are a few exceptions, however:

  • First-generation students who would like to be considered for the Torch Scholars Program need to be nominated. For more information, visit the Torch Scholars Program.

  • National Merit semi-finalists or National Hispanic Recognition Program Scholars have the opportunity to apply for the Northeastern National Scholar Award. If you have received one of these awards, you will be notified when you apply about the steps you need to take in order to be considered for the honor.

  • Students enrolled in a Boston Public High Schools are eligible for several special scholarships. Additional information can be found here.

Does Northeastern offer scholarships and/or aid for international students?

A: International students are fully eligible for Northeastern’s merit scholarships. All international students will be automatically considered for and offered merit scholarships, if applicable.

Financial need-based aid will be offered to students who are U.S. Citizens, as well as eligible noncitizens, upon completion of the necessary forms. For additional information, visit the Student Financial Services website.

Are there any special opportunities for Boston students?

A: Northeastern is deeply committed to working with the City of Boston and our campus neighbors. There are several additional scholarship programs available to Boston residents and Boston Public High School students, including:

  • The Boston Public High School Scholarship

  • The Northeastern Boston Valedictorian Scholarship

  • The Boston Housing Authority Scholarship

  • Northeastern Neighborhood Scholarship

  • Balfour Academy Scholarship

  • Learn more about the Boston Public High School scholarship opportunities here.

What is the Northeastern Promise?

A: The Northeastern Promise is our commitment to helping students finance their education throughout their entire enrollment. To learn more, visit the Student Financial Services website.

Do you meet full demonstrated need?

A: Yes, we meet the full demonstrated financial need for each admitted student eligible for federal financial aid. To learn more, visit the Student Financial Services website.

When do I need to submit the FAFSA and the CSS profile?

A: All documents should be submitted by the October 15 (Spring 2020) or April 15 (Fall 2020) priority deadline. When we release admission decisions, we will also provide the financial aid award if the student has submitted all required documents.

The Application Process

How do I apply to Northeastern?

A: The process begins and ends with the Common Application or the Coalition Application (Northeastern accepts both). When you create an account, you will need to select Northeastern as one of the schools you are applying to. Then, complete and submit your application online through the Application portal.

What materials are required for my application?

A: A detailed list of what is necessary, whether you are a high school, transfer, or international student, can be found on our application information page.

What SAT or ACT tests do you require?

A: Northeastern has a test-optional policy for students applying for the 2021-2022 academic year. Under the new policy, students applying for admission can decide whether to submit standardized test scores as part of their application.

For more information, visit our application information page.

What is the last date to submit standardized tests?

A: Students may indicate their Test-Optional status through their Application Status Check. The test-optional preference will default to what was indicated in the application, and students have until the following dates to finalize their choice—your test-optional status will be locked in after that date:

  • Early Decision I by November 10

  • Early Action by December 1

  • Early Decision II by January 10

  • Regular Decision February 1

I want to apply Early Decision or Early Action, what should I know?

A: First, what each means:

  • Early Decision is ideal for students who are confident that Northeastern is the right academic, social, and financial fit. It is a binding decision, so if you are admitted, you are committed to attending Northeastern and withdrawing all applications from other institutions.

  • Early Action is non-binding and ideal for students who want to put their best foot forward at an earlier date. The Admissions Committee will not see senior year grades or late fall standardized testing scores.

The deadline for Early Decision I and Early Action applications is November 1, and Early Decision II is January 1.

Are there specific course requirements for admission?

A: Students are required, at minimum, to complete four years of English, two years of history, two years of the same foreign language, three years of science, and three years of math. Our most competitive applicants will have completed four years of all five major subjects, or perhaps dropped one subject as a senior to double up on equally rigorous courses in another subject.

Applicants to the College of Engineering must have taken physics, chemistry, and precalculus.

What does an international student need to do to apply to Northeastern?

A: Students studying in international high schools have all the same requirements as domestic applicants.

Why do I have English proficiency required?

A: This is required for students whose native language is not English, which is indicated by the student on the application. We require proof of proficiency for all students. You can meet the requirement if:

  • English is your native language.

  • You will have lived in the United States or another country where the majority of the population are native English language speakers and completed 4 consecutive academic years, at either a high school or college/university, prior to enrolling at Northeastern.

  • You submit, along with your application, valid and official results sent directly from the testing agency for one of the following English language proficiency tests: C1 Advanced, C2 Proficiency, Duolingo English Test, IELTS Academic, PTE Academic, or TOEFL iBT (CEEB Code: 3667)

Further information is provided on the International Student Admissions page regarding the requirement and waiver request process.

Do I need to take a TOEFL if I have lived in the U.S. for a number of years?

A: Northeastern’s Admissions Committee will consider not only your overall composite score, but also your individual subsection scores, to confirm your proficiency across all four language skills, which are needed to be successful at Northeastern. Our most competitive applicants will frequently achieve composite scores between: 99 and 107 on the TOEFL iBT, 7.0 and 8.0 on the IELTS Academic, 120 and 130 on the Duolingo English Test, 68 to 74 on the PTE Academic, and 185 to 204 on the Cambridge English Scale. If you have personal questions about English Proficiency, please contact your admission counselor.

Can I send in an art portfolio?

A: Portfolios are only required for our Studio Art major. Majors within the College of Arts, Media and Design are encouraged to submit portfolios, though—this can be done online via SlideRoom.

Can I submit a portfolio if I’m not applying for Studio Art?

A: Students are highly encouraged to submit portfolios for all CAMD majors and combined majors. However, Studio Art is the only program that requires a portfolio. Visit the College of Arts, Media and Design website for more information.

How do I know if my application has been received by Northeastern?

A: You will receive an email acknowledging your application was received within two days of submission. This communication will notify you that your applicant has been received, and that your materials are being processed by our office. Once all your materials have been processed, you will be given a Northeastern ID number and instructions for setting up your Application Status Check account.

What is the College Report?

A: This is a required document for transfer students that is available through the Common Application and Coalition Application. This is an offline form that must be completed and submitted by the Registrar's Office or Dean of your current or most recently attended institution.

How do I access my personal application information?

A: Once you have applied to Northeastern and your documents have been matched to your account, you will receive an email with your Northeastern University ID number (NU ID) and instructions on how to set up your Application Status Check account. Through the Application Status Check, you will be able to verify your personal information, view the required materials, and check on deadlines.

What if my grades were impacted by COVID-19 in 2020-2021?

A: We know that entire communities have had to change their teaching and learning practices in an instant, and that many people are anxious about how that will impact grades and final exams. Northeastern respects each school district’s pedagogy and will be thoughtful about the impact of COVID-19 as we work with students entering as first-years and as we evaluate students for admission in the coming years.

My opportunities to get involved were limited due to COVID-19 in 2020-2021. Is that ok?

A: We fully understand that our prospective students are facing a unique challenge as they are limited in their opportunities for involvement during this time. We will be flexible and understanding of these extenuating circumstances, and they will not be reflected negatively upon the student.

The Enrollment Process

What type of decisions could I receive?

A: You will receive one of the following admissions decisions: Admission for the fall, admission to The Program*, admission to NU Bound*, admission to NU Immerse*, placement on the waitlist, deferral to Regular Decision, or denial of admission.

*Each year Northeastern enrolls first-year students through signature specialized entry programs such as The Program, NU Bound, and NU Immerse. These unique academic experiences occur across the globe with students matriculating to campus in Boston upon completion of their program.

When will I receive my admission decision?

A: Your notification time will vary depending on how you applied:

  • Early Decision I applicants will receive a decision online by December 15.

  • Early Action applicants will receive a decision online by February 1.

  • Early Decision II applicants will receive a decision online by February 15.

  • Regular Decision applicants will receive a decision online by April 1.

I applied for Fall 2021 as a freshman and was not offered admission. When can I apply again?

A: Students are strongly encouraged to wait one full academic year before reapplying.

What is The Program?

A: The Program is Northeastern’s signature first-year experience, rooted in Northeastern’s core belief that students should be engaged citizens of the world. students begin their studies at one of our program locations and transition to the Boston campus in January for the second semester. Read more here to find out if the is right for you.

I applied for Fall 2021 and was accepted to the program but did not accept the offer. Am I allowed to apply again? If so, when?

A: Students who were offered admission to the program must wait to apply for the Fall 2022 academic term.

I applied to Early Decision and was admitted to The Program. Is this decision binding?

A: No. If you were admitted to The Program at Early Decision I or II, you are released from the binding nature of the decision, and have until May 1 to make your enrollment decision.

Will I receive credit for any college courses or AP tests I have taken?

A: Transfer credits are available to students who complete AP or IB exams through high school or college-level courses at an accredited institution. The Office of Undergraduate Admissions facilitates the transfer credit evaluation in partnership with the Northeastern academic departments. An up-to-date list of transfer credit policies and equivalencies can be found here.

I was taking a dual-enrollment or college-level course that was interrupted by COVID-19 in spring of 2020. Will I receive credit?

A: Northeastern will evaluate courses taken by transfer and dual-enrollment students in the spring and summer of 2020 in a pass/fail format for transfer credit.

What are the GPA requirements in order to transfer?

A: While the most successful transfer applicants have earned a cumulative grade point average of 3.3 or higher, all applications are reviewed holistically. Our reviews take into account every aspect of an application, including academic performance, academic evaluations and recommendations, a personal statement, and performance on standardized tests (if applicable).

How do I withdraw?

A: To withdraw from Northeastern, log in to your myNortheastern account and submit the form called “Decline Admission,” which can be found under the Self-Service tab.

How do I submit my enrollment deposit?

A: Your nonrefundable enrollment deposit as stated by your Terms of Admission must be paid to reserve a place at Northeastern. This secures your enrollment and transition activities. If you are an international student, your enrollment deposit includes the $350 international student fee. This fee covers a variety of services and programs to support international student life on campus.

Submit Online: The fastest and easiest way for you to submit your nonrefundable enrollment deposit is to pay online through the Admitted Student Portal at Paying online is the preferred method. (See the Get Connected card for details on activating your myNortheastern account.)

Submit By mail: For details on how to pay your enrollment deposit by mail, please contact Admissions at

Are there separate housing and enrollment deposits?

A: Your deposit includes both your enrollment and housing deposit, there is no separate cost. Once your deposit has been submitted, you will be able to access your Residence Application and complete your Roommate Compatibility Survey via your myNortheastern Admitted Student portal within 24-48 hours.

How do I change my major?

A: Change of major requests are reviewed on a case-by-case basis. To request a change, log in to your myNortheastern Admitted Student portal and select the “Self-Service” tab. Once there, select the “Change of Major Request” link under “Updates."

Can I defer my enrollment?

A: In general, students who have paid their deposit may request to defer their enrollment one time for a maximum of one year for reasons such as travel, medical conditions, military obligations, or work. Students may not take any classes for academic credit during the deferral period. Requests are reviewed and granted on a case-by-case basis. Students who are granted a deferral must submit a nonrefundable deferral deposit to secure their place for the future term.

Deferral requests must be submitted by June 1, 2021 for students admitted to the Program and July 1, 2021 for students admitted to the fall program. All requests can be submitted through the request link on your Application Status Check.

Students admitted to NU Immerse or NU Bound are not eligible to defer their enrollment.

What steps do I need to take to finalize my enrollment?

A: Without exception, all students must successfully complete their current academic program and submit all final transcripts. High school students must also submit proof of graduation, which is typically found on the final high school transcript. Failure to submit your final high school transcript may impact your financial aid or scholarship award. Failure to successfully complete your current academic program in good standing could result in a decision to rescind your offer of admission. Disciplinary issues that have occurred since admission, at Northeastern’s New Student Orientation programs, during Move-In, or prior to the official start of the semester, must be fully disclosed as part of the terms of admissions. Northeastern reserves the right to rescind your offer of admission or engage in any appropriate disciplinary action related to these issues.

What additional information should I send Northeastern after I enroll?

A: After you submit your deposit, please send
 the following information through your Application Status Check as soon 
as possible:

  • Final high school transcript (required)

  • Advanced Placement test results
(if applicable)

  • International Baccalaureate exam results
(if applicable)

  • New or updated SAT/ACT scores (if applicable)

  • National Merit Finalist, National Achievement or

  • National Hispanic documentation (if applicable)

  • Official secondary-school national exam results
(if applicable)

  • Updated TOEFL/IELTS results (if applicable)

  • Submit required financial documentation via myOGS (International Students only)

  • Change of address information (if applicable; you can do this on the Admitted Student Portal)

  • College transcripts from any previous or in-progress course work (if applicable)

Contacting Us

How can I receive more information?

A: You can fill out our Request Information form and receive updates, advice, and information about Northeastern.

What is Northeastern’s mailing address?

A: Transcripts and recommendations should be sent to:

Northeastern University
Application Processing Center
P.O. Box 8210
Portsmouth, NH 03802

Application fees, application fee waiver requests, FedEx, UPS, or Priority mail packages, and Declaration and Certification of Finances Forms should be sent to:

The Office of Undergraduate Admissions
200 Kerr Hall
Northeastern University
360 Huntington Ave
Boston, MA 02115

Test scores should be submitted electronically.

How do I get in touch with the admissions team?

A: Northeastern’s admissions staff can be found here. Please feel free to email a member of the domestic or international team, or someone from visitor services, with any questions.

How do I find my admissions counselor?

A: You can search for your admissions counselor here by entering in your country, state, and high school.

Do you have resources for transfer students?

A: Yes, we do! Please visit our Transfer Applicants page for more information.

Life at Northeastern

Can I have a car on campus?

A: Beginning sophomore year, full-time students are eligible to buy parking passes online on a semester basis. All fees will be charged to their tuition account. Freshman student parking requests are reviewed on a per-case-basis. Please email for more information.  

Are students guaranteed housing?

A: All students who enter as a first-year students, and meet housing application deadlines, are guaranteed four years of university housing. Freshman and sophomore students are required to live in university housing while taking classes. Third- and fourth-year students (who meet the requirements above) have the option to live in university housing and can choose from one of our newer apartment complexes, many of which offer spectacular views of Boston.

Combined Majors and Double Majors

What is the difference between a double major and a combined major?

A: A double major entails completing all requirements for both majors. Depending on the majors, there may be an overlap in requirements. Conversely, combined majors require at least nine courses associated with each of the two participating disciplines, rather than completing all requirements for each major. There must be at least one course that acts as a bridge between the disciplines.

What is a Home College?

A: Your Home College is the college to which you have been admitted, and the college in which you will enroll. Your Home College is also where your primary academic advisor will be based.

If I choose a combined major, in what program will I have a degree?

A: Students completing a combined major will receive one degree and one diploma. The combined major will appear on the transcript and the diploma. For example, a diploma may read: "Bachelor’s of Science in Computer Engineering and Physics."

Can I change into a combined major after enrolling?

A: Yes, you may request a major change to a combined major by following the standard procedure for changing majors. The combined major should be declared by the end of the first semester of junior year. It is generally advantageous to declare the combined major as early as possible, especially when highly structured disciplinary components are involved.

Is the tuition for a combined major the same?

A: Yes, students completing a combined major will only be charged the regular undergraduate tuition.

When in a combined major, can I do a Co-op in either discipline?

A: Students in combined majors will work closely with advisors and engage in programming from each discipline. You are welcome to explore your academic and experiential offerings in either discipline.