Transferring Credit

Transfer credit may be available to students who complete advance examinations through high school or college-level courses at an accredited institution.

The Office of Undergraduate Admissions facilitates the transfer credit evaluation in partnership with the Northeastern academic departments. These equivalencies are used as a guide on how classes at your current or former institution can be transferred to Northeastern. While your course may appear on the list, it does not guarantee that it will transfer into your individual major. You must apply and submit your official transcript(s) of coursework completed to our Office of Undergraduate Admissions before a final determination can be made.

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See our transfer credit policy for recognized accrediting bodies. The score and grade required for transfer credit consideration is outlined within the charts. If you don’t see a course listed within the database it means Northeastern academic departments have not evaluated this course before. Admitted students may request an evaluation through the transfer credit evaluation system – please note, you will need to submit the official syllabus, not just the course description.