Transferring Credit

Transfer credit may be available to students who complete advanced examinations in high school or college-level courses at an accredited institution.

The Office of Undergraduate Admissions facilitates the transfer credit evaluation in partnership with the Northeastern academic departments. These equivalencies are used as a guide on how classes at your current or former institution can be transferred to Northeastern. While your course may appear on the list, it does not guarantee that it will transfer into your individual major. You must apply and submit your official transcript(s) of coursework completed to our Office of Undergraduate Admissions before a final determination can be made.

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Northeastern University to offer course credit for classes taken as pass/fail in the spring and summer 2020 semesters.

As the global health crisis has changed the way in which many of us approach teaching, it has also changed the way in which we approach grading. At Northeastern we have moved to allow students to take some of their courses in a pass/fail format in the Spring 2020 semester–an exception to our typical grading and credit earning procedure–to ease some of the burden of pressure being felt by students who are accessing their material in an entirely online format. The pass/fail format does not reflect a decrease in standards, but rather offers flexibility to our students in this challenging time.

We recognize that our students are not alone in this challenge, and therefore want to recognize the excellent work and effort of students around the globe in this time of crisis. For students who are interested in joining Northeastern, either as transfer students or as first-year students enrolled in dual enrollment programs, we will consider courses for credit in which a pass grade was earned in the Spring and/or Summer 2020 semesters. We are excited to welcome these students to our engaging academic community, and we are eager for their contributions to our classrooms.

Policy on course credit for students entering in the fall or spring semesters of the 2020-21 school year:

  • Northeastern will consider courses in which a P/Passing grade has been earned for course credit.
  • The course must be credit bearing from the transferring institution to be considered.
  • This will apply to students whose Spring and/or Summer 2020 semesters have moved to full or partial Pass/Fail grading.
  • Students must still complete the transfer credit evaluation process and provide syllabi for those classes not listed in Northeastern’s transfer credit database. Please see the admissions website for guidelines.
  • Classes must have a Northeastern course or elective equivalent in order to be eligible for credit toward graduation requirements.
  • Questions may be directed to

Fall 2021 IB Mathematics: Analysis and Approaches and IB Mathematics: Applications and Interpretation

Starting fall 2021, Northeastern will accept scores of 5 or higher for Higher Level (HL) results for Mathematics: Analysis and Approaches and Mathematics: Applications and Interpretation.

IB Exam Northeastern Equivalency Semester Hours
Mathematics: Analysis and Approaches MATH1341 & MATH1342 8SH
Mathematics: Applications and Interpretation MATH1341 & MATH1342 8SH

COVID-19 Advanced Standing Examination Credit Policies

Advanced Placement (AP)
Northeastern understands the modality in which students will be tested for 2020 Advanced Placement (AP) exams will change due to the circumstances of COVID-19. We will continue to accept scores of 4 and 5 for transfer credit.

International Baccalaureate (IB)
Northeastern understands the basis in which students will be awarded IB Diplomas or Certificates will change for 2020 due to the circumstances of COVID-19. With official results being released by IBO on July 5, 2020, we will continue to accept scores of 5 or higher for Higher Level (HL) results for transfer credit.

General Certificate of Education (GCE) Advanced Level
Northeastern University understands the basis in which students will be awarded A-level Certificates will change for 2020 due to the circumstances of COVID-19.  Students should request that provisional results are shared directly by the exam board or from a guidance counselor.  Equivalent Northeastern credit will be awarded for results of ‘C’ or higher upon the release and receipt of official certificates in the fall.

See our transfer credit policy for recognized accrediting bodies. The score and grade required for transfer credit consideration is outlined within the charts. If you don’t see a course listed within the database it means Northeastern academic departments have not evaluated this course before. Admitted students may request an evaluation through the transfer credit evaluation system – please note, you will need to submit the official syllabus, not just the course description.