Specialized Entry Programs

The N.U.in Program

The N.U.in Program is a first-year global experience, rooted in Northeastern’s core belief that students should be engaged citizens of the world. N.U.in students begin their studies overseas and transition to the Boston campus in January for the second semester.


Eight global N.U.in locations in five countries in Fall 2016: Melbourne, Australia; Sydney, Australia; London, England; Montreal, Canada; Berlin, Germany; Thessaloniki, Greece; University College Dublin, Ireland; FIE@DBS, Ireland

Snell Library

General Studies Program

General Studies is a freshman year program designed to help you find academic success in your freshman year and beyond. It is a small program (approximately 180 students). As a General Studies student, you’ll spend your freshman year immersed in a combination of first-year requirements, NU core courses, and introductory courses for your intended major. If you’re unsure of what you would like to major in, we will help you define your search and reach your goals.

Most General Studies students take five courses, equaling 17 credit hours, each semester.


American Classroom

American Classroom is an innovative transitional experience for international students who are looking for advanced English language preparation and an introduction to the American education system and college culture.

For the highly motivated international student, American Classroom is your opportunity to jump into American college life. Throughout your time in American Classroom, you will benefit from individual academic advising and support services. Upon successful completion of this program, you will be enriched from your exposure to college academics and prepared for a degree program.


Foundation Year

Designed for recent high school graduates and GED completers in the city of Boston, Foundation Year integrates rigorous academics with student support services to create an environment where you can be successful in your first year of college.

As a Foundation Year student, you will be enrolled in Northeastern’s College of Professional Studies and take rigorous freshman level courses in English, sociology, mathematics, and history. You can focus your studies by choosing electives in a business, science, or liberal arts track. In all, you can earn 43 quarter hours of credit—the equivalent of one year of college credit. Upon successful completion you’ll have the opportunity to transition to a degree program at the institution of your choice.