Planning Process

President Joseph Aoun and Provost James Bean laid the groundwork for the 2015–2016 strategic planning process in summer 2015.

Discussions with the Faculty Senate Agenda Committee about the planning process began in August 2015. An initial retreat with members of the university’s senior leadership, academic deans, members of the provost’s office, and other university leaders also took place in August 2015.

The Board of Trustees, at its retreat of October 2015, engaged in extended discussions of the future of higher education with the senior leadership team.

The planning process, which culminated in the production of a summary draft of the plan in June 2016, engaged the university community through a combination of topic-specific town halls and a blog on the academic planning website.

Seven town halls, held from December 2015 to March 2016, drew nearly 500 participants to discuss the strategic themes—the global university, lifelong experiential learning, diversity and inclusions, faculty of the future, doctoral education, and research and scholarship for impact—as well as the essence of Northeastern.

More than 360 comments were posted on the blog, and the academic planning website garnered nearly 32,000 page views and attracted nearly 7,000 new and returning users.