Essence of Northeastern

Northeastern University, a dynamic, highly networked research university with a global reach, is a world leader in experiential learning and a thought leader on the frontier of learning science. We foster excellence, creativity, and entrepreneurship throughout our undergraduate, graduate, and professional programs in a diverse and inclusive community.

Integrative Experiential Education

We combine curricular and co-curricular programs with relevant professional experiences designed to develop in our students broad knowledge, intellectual creativity, and analytical skills. This integrated experiential model prepares students to be active, impactful participants in our evolving society and economy—engaged global citizens and leaders, successful professionals, and self-directed lifelong learners. Our educational programs foster formal and informal knowledge-sharing networks that meet the learning needs of students at every stage throughout their lives.

New Knowledge through Foundational and Translational Research

We generate cutting-edge research, inspired by the world’s grand challenges, that aligns with societal needs and our unique strengths. Our research is based on strong disciplinary foundations and a commitment to interdisciplinary discovery, and engages societal partners from business, government, and the academy to integrate basic and use-inspired research with development and translation.

Entrepreneurship and Innovation

We empower a network of students, faculty, and alumni who develop entrepreneurial and professional collaborations and innovative enterprises that advance knowledge and contribute meaningfully to society. We relentlessly innovate in our educational pedagogies and organizations to keep pace with our changing environment and the needs of our students and faculty.

A Diverse and Inclusive Community

We are a multicultural community, situated in a dynamic urban setting, in which students develop the cultural competencies and agility necessary to thrive in an interconnected world. Many of our students’ most powerful learning opportunities occur through community engagement, in which they learn experientially about the importance of diversity and inclusion. Our educational programs foster civility and mutual respect by encouraging students to understand multiple, competing points of view.

A Global Perspective Grounded in Local Roots

We are focused on expanding our teaching and research around the world just as we are enriched by our deep roots in Boston and the innovative city it has become. Our local and global engagement comes from the same starting point—the belief that academic pursuits must be grounded in reality. This underlying ethos guides us as we extend our presence around the globe.

Commitment to Excellence with a Purpose

We are unyielding in the advancement of knowledge, the successful education of future generations, and the positive resolution of the challenges of our time.

Approved, Northeastern University Board of Trustees, September 30, 2016.