Board of Trustees

The Board of Trustees is Northeastern’s governing body. The board appoints the president, who leads and manages the university, and works with senior leaders to shape the university’s strategic vision. The board also approves Northeastern’s mission, budget, policies, and significant changes to academic programs, and oversees the university’s finances and assets.

Trustees Emeritae/i

  • George W. Chamillard
    Chair of Trustees Emeritae/i
    Vice Chair Emeritus

  • Barbara C. Alleyne

  • George D. Behrakis
    Vice Chair Emeritus

  • Margot Botsford

  • Frederick Brodsky

  • Frederick L. Brown

  • Nonnie S. Burnes

  • Louis W. Cabot

  • Peter B. Cameron

  • Richard P. Chapman Jr.
    Vice Chair Emeritus

  • William J. Cotter

  • John J. Cullinane

  • Harry T. Daniels

  • Neal F. Finnegan
    Chair Emeritus

  • W. Kevin Fitzgerald

  • H. Patricia Hanna
    Vice Chair Emerita

  • Frederic T. Hersey
    Vice Chair Emeritus

  • Arnold S. Hiatt

  • William S. Howard

  • J. Philip Johnston

  • Richard G. Lesser

  • Diane H. Lupean

  • Anthony R. Manganaro

  • Robert C. Marini
    Vice Chair Emeritus

  • Roger M. Marino

  • Katherine S. McHugh
    Vice Chair Emerita

  • Lloyd J. Mullin

  • Henry J. Nasella
    Chair Emeritus

  • Kathryn M. Nicholson

  • Richard C. Ockerbloom
    Vice Chair Emeritus

  • Arthur A. Pappas

  • Ronald L. Rossetti

  • Carole J. Shapazian
    Vice Chair Emerita

  • Robert J. Shillman

  • Janet M. Smith

  • Sy Sternberg
    Chair Emeritus

  • Stephen J. Sweeney

  • Jean C. Tempel
    Vice Chair Emerita

  • W. Nicholas Thorndike

  • Alan D. Tobin
    Vice Chair Emeritus

  • James L. Waters

  • Catherine A. White

  • Arthur W. Zafiropoulo

  • Ellen M. Zane

Honorary Trustees

  • Scott M. Black

  • Charles K. Gifford

  • Kuntoro Mangkusubroto

  • Lucille R. Zanghi