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John D. O'Bryant

John D. O’Bryant dedicated his life to serving communities of color in Boston. JDOAAI students continue to be inspired by his leadership, and honor his legacy by giving back to communities in need. Students who earn the Ujima Global Leaders or Foundation Year scholarships, are required to perform yearly, fifty hours of community service, to their choice of 501(c)(3) non-profit entity, in celebration of O’Bryant’s example.

JDOAAI Community Commitments

We recognize JDOAAI students and community members who give of themselves, their time and talents aiding non-profit organizations in their communities. Individuals who have gone above & beyond, who made a service commitment to their chosen community, past the requirements of scholarship programs, or upon their own initiative, make a significant impact upon the lives of the people they worked with, or continue to do so, are featured in the coming JDOAAI Community Commitments Digital Galleries. Also, these individuals are given the John D. O’Bryant Community Service Award for their outstanding commitment to community; they who demonstrate a JDOAAI axiom – Enter to Learn, Depart to Serve.

Guidelines for Scholarship Recipients

Recipients of the Ujima Global Leaders & Foundation Year Scholarships are required to perform fifty hours of community service, over the course of one academic year, including summer. You must submit the required Community Service Information Form(s) for each service you perform. All Community Service Information Forms must be submitted in full, by September 1st, yearly. Organizations where service may be completed must be official non-profit entities. You cannot be paid or earn any academic credit for, or during the service you submit, for your scholarship requirements. Any attempt or identified instance of lying or forgery regarding this process, will be referred to OSCCR immediately. If you do not, your funding will be revoked and last year’s entire tuition/housing balance will be transferred to your student account.

Choosing your non-profit(s) and Identifying a Manager

Service can be completed at your choice of non-profit organization(s), provided you are NOT earning academic credit for coursework. You must verify the organization you choose is a certified not-for-profit company or organization, by verifying the organization’s 501(c)(3) public charities, private foundations or private operating foundations identification number, before you begin your service. You are required to submit this information on your Service Information Forms as well.

Best Practice

  • Download a JDOAAI Community Service Information Form and bring it with you to each service site. Obtain the necessary contact information for the non-profit organization, and identify an official employee of the organization that is your point of contact.
  • Document your experience: take photographs, keep a journal, keep copies of any documents that you contributed intellectual capital, also posters or other ephemera from your work.
  • For past examples of accepted community service experiences, please download this reference sheet.

Tracking Data & How to Submit Information Forms

After you perform your community service, it is highly recommended you submit a JDOAAI Community Service Information Form as soon as possible. You can download a Community Service Information Form to record your service experiences and contact information, to keep track throughout the year. You must identify the organization’s staff member you worked with, and their contact information at the non-profit, for verification correspondence. Forms missing information fields will not be counted and you will be asked to re-submit.

Access Form

Submission Deadline

All your Information Forms must be submitted online before September 1st, yearly.


If you have any questions regarding the JDOAAI Community Service Program, please contact Simonne Ronk – Email: