Students who experience challenges in a specific subject area can take advantage of free tutoring services at the Institute. From the second week of classes until final exams, graduate students and faculty provide assistance in numerous subjects, including:

Tutorial assistance often means the difference between students earning a passing or failing grade. Please take advantage of this free service.


The Counseling component of the John D. O’Bryant African-American Institute provides a wide-range of services to students of African origin. The services are designed to enhance students’ academic, career, and personal development.

Our goal is to encourage students in a process which will enable them to express their feelings; to evaluate and resolve problems, to explore options; to formulate short-term and long-term goals; to make solid decisions and develop self-assessment, self-advocacy, assertiveness and leadership skills. We encourage students to strive for academic excellence and to participate in extra-curricular activities that will enrich their overall college experience.