The Pan Asian American Council is lead by the two PAAC co-chairs, and the PAAC fellows. The co-chairs lead the bi-weekly meetings, and work to ensure that the voice of the Asian, Pacific Islander, Desi, American (APIDA) community is represented on campus. They also work closely with the Asian American Center staff to ensure that the community is supported from different perspectives. The PAAC fellow team is comprised of folks who seek to build community amongst the 11 student organizations, and understand the needs from a larger organizational level. The fellows represent the entirety of the APIDA community and work closely with the co-chairs to create programs that highlight intentional allyship, community awareness, and self-knowledge.

PAAC Co-Chairs

Alice Ding

Hometown: Glastonbury, CT

Major: Computer Science & Marketing


Alice Ding is a fifth year (wow, graduation!) undergraduate student pursuing a degree in computer science and marketing at Northeastern University. Having been involved with the Asian Pacific Islander Desi American (APIDA) community on campus since her freshman year, she's held positions on the Chinese Student Association executive board, been an AASIA mentor through the AAC, and was co-chair of Asian American Heritage Week 2017-2018. It's with these experiences that she's realized how important being Chinese American is to her identity and has given more than enough opportunities to participate in more discussions on how the Asian American experience has affected not only her peers, but herself as well. She loves being connected to such a welcoming, diverse and amazing community, and knows that it will only continue to grow and evolve over the next several years.

She's looking forward to being one of this year's PAAC co-chairs for the 2018-2019 academic year. It's been an unforgettable journey to see how the APIDA student body has changed over the course of her college career and she hopes to continue contributing and being an active member of welcoming community centered around the Asian American Center that's been her home for the past four years.

Shyam Venkatramani

Shyam Venkatramani is a third year undergraduate student pursuing a degree in Politics, Philosophy, and Economics at Northeastern University. Shyam has been active in the APIDA community since his 2nd year on campus, having served on NU UTSAV’s executive board as Co-Cultural Chair and, by extension, PAAC Representative. Through his work on the council in the 2017-2018 school year, Shyam was exposed to the broader Asian-American community and pursued further leadership within PAAC, culminating as both PAAC Co-Chair and AASIA mentor this year. As Co-Chair of PAAC, Shyam hopes to foster a more inclusive Asian-American community where East, South, and Southeast Asians work together towards common goals. He is also passionate about larger advocacy for people of color, and is constantly pushing for more social justice and advocacy events within PAAC. Shyam is incredibly excited for this coming year! He hopes that he can be a positive role model for those who are on the cusp of becoming involved in this community, and would love to foster a resurgence of South Asian involvement in Pan-Asian affairs.

PAAC Fellows

Sophia Cheon

Sophia is a second-year majoring in Animation. Prior to attending Northeastern University, she lived in Portland, Oregon where she lead several advocacy/public speaking clubs, created lots of art, and took too many pictures of her puppy, Toto. Sophia spends her free time drawing passerby, critiquing films, and asking strangers to pet their dogs. Her special skills include falling asleep virtually anywhere. She was inspired to become a PAAC fellow through Barkada, a Filipino club that welcomed and supported her so much that she wants to help new students find their homes in the APIDA community. 

Jessie Xiao

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Jessie is a sophomore at Northeastern University. Before Northeastern, Jessie was enrolled in Brooklyn Technical High School where she majored in Chemical Engineering and was involved in Red Cross, Technology Support, and the Wrestling team. During her first year at Northeastern, Jessie began to become more aware of the current issues being faced by the APIDA community and learn more about the APIDA cultures by becoming involved in a myriad of PAAC organizations such as KASA and Barkada. As a PAAC fellow this year, Jessie hopes to bring awareness of the social justice issues that the APIDA community faces and continue to welcome others to the APIDA community. 

Outside of PAAC and school, Jessie is usually found eating in restaurants around Boston or working at a nearby coffee shop with friends. Her dream is to be able to travel around all of Asia and taste the amazing cuisine as well as immerse herself into the unique cultures.