Rachel Moo


Rachel is a facilitator who looks to connect the world through the lens of diversity, equity, and inclusion through social justice-driven research, education, and advocacy using programming and community engagement. She aims to build community that is founded on inclusion and collaboration.

Rachel is an avid sports fan and her previous work allowed her to promote a paradigm shift that sports are more than just the scoreboard and believes sport can bridge cultural gaps, resolve conflict and educate people in a way that few other activities can.


Karina Hathaway
Assistant Director


Karina is a community builder and a collector of stories. In her previous life, this manifested as being a small business owner, acting as an entrepreneur in the photography industry. She has a passion for helping people to feel empowered, and advocating for people to save the planet in small but significant ways. She believes in trying to create an accepting and inclusive world where people can be free of prejudice, regardless of race, gender, identity, religion or social class.

In her spare time, Karina can be found running, hiking, traveling, eating, and generally trying to save the world.


Misa Tran
Assistant Director


Misa is a Vietnamese educator. She is also a daughter, a partner, a friend, and a dog lover. She has been in youth work working alongside students and educational leaders in providing college and career advising. Inspired by the strength and stories of her family and friends, she seeks to support marginalized communities in finding and advocating for the necessary resources to have students thrive in their journey. She finds passion and purpose in serving the Asian American community and leads with empathy and compassion. For fun, Misa is always looking to explore new cuisines, snacks, and places to go to around Boston and elsewhere. Other times, she’ll settle for a nice home-cooked meal, board games with friends, and hanging out with her pug.