What is Asian American Heritage Month?

Asian American Heritage Month (AAHM) will be held from January 28-February 7, 2019 at Northeastern University. This collection of events is just a small taste of the diversity that represents Asian America – both at Northeastern, and beyond. Our hope is that together, these events will spark discussion and inquiry about where we have come from as Asian Americans, and where we are going. Stop by, take a look, learn more about who we are.

While Asian American Heritage Month is traditionally celebrated in May, we celebrate in February to give our community an opportunity to fully participate in and enjoy the month of events. Our heritage week includes the Day of Remembrance which honors the anniversary of the signing of Executive Order 9066 which sent 120,000 Japanese Americans into internment camps during World War II.

For more information about AAHW: nuaahw@gmail.com

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Asian American Heritage Week Co-Chairs

The Asian American Heritage Week Co-chairs are two students who help in creating a theme, curating events for the week, and coordinating the student community to build awareness for AAHW. They work closely with the AAC staff, APIDA student organizations, and folks in the APIDA community to bring the community together.

Amanda Escaba

Amanda is a 5th year studying Computer Science and Interaction Design from Montgomery, NY. She first got involved with the Asian American community in her freshman year by joining Barkada and went on to serve as an e-board member for three years. During that time, she also started working at the Asian American Center as an intern and senior intern. Amanda loves how the AAC has not only helped her explore her identity as an Asian American woman and leader, but has also provided a community where she feels right at home. When she's not at the AAC, you can find Amanda trying to cross off all the locations on her bucket list of Boston restaurants.

Edward Lamm

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