As we begin to carve out a space on campus, and develop the Center’s identity and role at the University, we hope that you will support us in our efforts.

The Center’s fundraising efforts generates funds from alumni, parents and friends to supplement the Center’s annual operating budget. It provides a meaningful and efficient way for supporters of the Asian American Center to become involved in the growth and expansion of our efforts.

Giving Options

Donors are encouraged to contribute to the Center’s general operating budget, allowing the Center to address its most immediate needs. However, we recognize that some donors prefer to designate their gift for a specific purpose. Thus, the Center accepts contributions for several specific initiatives.

Gifts of all sizes are welcome. You can participate at a level that is comfortable for you. Together with other alumni, parents and friends, your gift strengthens our ability to create a more comprehensive and meaningful campus environment for the entire

If you are interested in learning more about making a more substantial named donation to the Asian American Center, or the University in general, please contact the Center or Northeastern’s development office for more information.