Asian American Center Lending Library

The Asian American Center houses a small, but growing collection of works by and about Asian Americans.  Click here to view a list of our movies and books. Stop by the Asian American Center on 109 Hemenway Street to browse, borrow, or view our collection.

Function Space at 109 Hemenway (the Center)

The Asian American Center at Northeastern has several different spaces that are available for student use.

  • The Multipurpose Room on the first floor of the Center is open for students to relax, eat lunch, or study. The Multipurpose Room has couches, a tv, and enough seating for 25 to 30 people. This room is also available for student groups to reserve for small meetings or events.
  • The Conference Room on the second floor of the Center is open for students to use to study and can also be reserved for small meetings.
  • The Third Floor Lounge is cozy and inviting, and can be used for small meetings as well.
  • The Studio is a multipurpose space on the Asian American Center’s Lower Level equipped with mirrors, a sound system and also display screen.  This room is open for students to use for a variety of purposes including smaller dance rehearsals and small meetings or events.  This room can accommodate 15 to 20 people, depending on the nature of the event.
  • The Center also has a student computer lab, consisting of 4 computers and a printer. This is open for general student use, and is open during standard business hours. This room cannot be reserved for specific functions.

We encourage all students to take advantage of the space and resources available at the Center. In addition to our various activity rooms, we also have a kitchen which is open for student use. If you have specific questions about general use of the Center, please come by and talk to us.

Reserving space at the Asian American Center

For more information about reserving space at the Asian American Center, please visit our Space Reservations page.