RELIC Downloads

RELIC web server was shut down in October 2010. To replace the functionality of those peptide analysis tools, a set of stand-alone programs have been written. The functions of the stand alone programs are similar if not identical to the RELIC programs. The following zip files include executable versions of the programs; instructions for use; and sample input and output files for the programs.

All programs are stand-alone executable programs designed for windows platforms. These stand-alone programs, although derived from RELIC, are new, and not extensively tested. If you have problems using them or concerns with the results, pleasecontact me (

The publication describing the RELIC web site; programs and usage is:

Mandava, S. , L. Makowski, J. Uzubell, S. Devarapalli and D.J. Rodi (2004) RELIC – A database for peptide analysis and identification of small molecule binding sites. Proteomics 4; 1439-1460.

>>>pdf file

Please cite this paper whenever publishing the results of analyses carried out by these programs.

See also:

Makowski, L. and A. Soares (2003) Estimating the Diversity of Peptides Populations from Limited Sequence Data. Bioinformatics, 19:483-489.

I apologize for the inconvenience caused by the shut-down of RELIC.